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4. Lirik Team Rocket's Motto – Pokemon

lirik Team Rocket's Motto – Pokemon JESSIE Prepare for trouble!JAMES Make it double!JESSIE To protect the world from devastation! memory  byAmandaH ,  Editor Most of you who grew up in the late 1990s will know the

9. Lirik Viices – Made In Heights

lirik Viices – Made In HeightsTwo faces stare at the ceilingThinking through fingers feelingDimming headlights looking for a cheap thrillBaby girl picking thorns through the daffodilsI loved you all my life don'tFall asleep

11. Lirik 24k Magic – Bruno Mars

lirik 24k Magic – Bruno Mars Tonight I just want to take you higher Throw your hands up in the sky Let's set this party off rightPlayers, put yo' pinky rings up to the moon Girls, what y'all trying to do? Twenty four karat magic

12. Lirik 24K Magic – Bruno Mars

lirik 24K Magic – Bruno MarsTonightI just want to take you higherThrow your hands up in the skyLet's set this party off rightPlayers, put yo' pinky rings up to the moonGirls, what y'all trying to do?24 karat magic in the airHead

13. Lirik Come To Da Party – Krs One

lirik Come To Da Party – Krs One Come to da party, come to the dance Everyone is fightin' So they fired up, up and away Come to da party, come to the dance To pull out the vinyl So they fired up, up and awayYeah, yeah Hardcore lyric

14. Lirik Believe – Nick Jonas

lirik Believe – Nick JonasThe scene all around usIn every single colourIn every dimensionCrowns of reinventionAnd if it's black then it's whiteAnd when it is dark, then it's lightSo filling all the spacesWith imaginary

15. Lirik No Haters – Lil Wayne

lirik No Haters – Lil Wayne [Verse:] We catch a body and we laugh about it I fucked her friend, I don't feel bad about it Grindin' is agonizing but it's gratifying Skinny tires on a salad diet I lost my mind, I'm like fuck

16. Lirik X Marks The Spot – Coldplay

lirik X Marks The Spot – ColdplayStare into darkness, staring at doomMy heart go boom, bo-boom boomStare into darkness, admit defeatComing home and I'm finding no peaceAnd I know, and I know and I knowI know I'm out of luckAnd I know

18. Lirik Lagu Cinta Melulu ?

lirik Lagu Cinta Melulu ? lagu cinta melulu..... kita memang benar-benar melayu suka mendayu-dayu lagu cinta melulu apa memang karna kuping melayu suka yg sendu-sendu.....uuu..uu.... lagu cinta melulu..... kenapa

19. Lirik Don’t Stop Me Now – Foxes

lirik Don’t Stop Me Now – FoxesTonight I'm gonna have myself a real good timeI feel alive and the world I'll turn it inside out, yeahFloating around in ecstasySo don't stop me now, don't stop me'Cos I'm having a good timeHaving a

20. Lirik Love – Cody Simpson

lirik Love – Cody SimpsonThe thing aboutLove Love LoveYou don't make it throughSome crazy thingsThe things aboutLove Love LoveIs you know it when you feel itFeel itThe thing aboutLove Love LoveYou don't make it throughSome

21. Lirik Straight Up – Future

lirik Straight Up – FutureYeah, Yeah yeah yeahFreebandz Bought A BuildingStraight UpAyeGot the Gucci boots on like it's snowing, straight upBig booty freak and she foreign, straight upAll My Whole Team We Very Important,

23. Lirik Saturn Return – Eraserheads

lirik Saturn Return – Eraserheads For the land Land of the sun, sun, sun All the lawyers pray to God Airconditon my brain There's a note in my ear that I can't sustain Drain all my fear oh dear Trapped inside an aeroplane Sittin' on

25. Lirik Venus – Lady Gaga

lirik Venus – Lady Gaga[Verse 1]Rocket #9 take off to the planet (To the planet)VenusAphrodite lady seashell bikini (Garden panty)VenusLet's blast off to a new dimension (In your bedroom)VenusAphrodite lady seashell bikini

27. Lirik Go Girl – Baby Bash

lirik Go Girl – Baby Bash Excuse me miss, what's your name I don't wanna tell you the same ol' thing Drop, drop it low, make, make it pop, I can do this all night shorty I don't wanna stopI need a go girl I need a go girl, uh

28. Lirik Goodnight New York – Bon Jovi

lirik Goodnight New York – Bon JoviMorning comes crashing like a rock through a windowJackhammer banging on the hot concreteTake your stand (hey!)Move it, man!It's a backtalk, sidewalk symphonyUber cars, yellow cabs, thick as

29. Lirik My Own Way – Three 6 Mafia

lirik My Own Way – Three 6 Mafia [Intro] Three 6 Ma-fi-UHH~! Good Charlotte Hypnotize Minds, dat executive Some real shit man, let's drop it Let's go![Chorus: Good Charlotte] You know I can't live my life, workin no 9 to 5 No matter

30. Lirik Supernatural – Fantasia

lirik Supernatural – Fantasia The world says That this love is not good for me But my heart says That it is. I never loved like this before!You've been like Seeing the sun the first time, Like I just did a ? And no one ? You make

33. Lirik Role Model – Free Sol

lirik Role Model – Free Sol Come here baby, tell me what you doing with him? I bet you'll want me once you catch up to my rythym You gotta pay attention to me like a symptom This shit got me amped up, ritalin Now don't be

34. Lirik Parachute feat. R. Kelly – Future

lirik Parachute feat. R. Kelly – FutureCheck her out she hellaSomebody outta tell herHer ass got a voiceAnd she sing acapellaI can be the music, pumping in her backgroundI can make her lose it, and find it in Chi TownClub of america, legs

35. Lirik Birthday Suit – The Weeknd

lirik Birthday Suit – The WeekndHere's a special cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cakeWatch me throw it in the airPocket full of 1's with the zeros in a pairFind myself staring at your waist, waist, waist, waist, waist, waist,

36. Lirik Dumb – Aaron Fresh


37. Lirik Untitled – Kendrick Lamar

lirik Untitled – Kendrick Lamar [Intro] So I met this young lady, ya know, when I went back home. I was tryna spit my best game to her, you know, give her my best cap, but she kept on snapping her fingers like *snaps*. I said "You

40. Lirik Wanna Be Like Him – N.o.r.e.

lirik Wanna Be Like Him – N.o.r.e. N is for that nigga, who keeps bangin' (Banging) O is for outstandin' everyday (Everyday) R is for ridiculously crazy (So crazy) E is for extraordinary ways (Everyway) (Rideout)They want to be like

42. Lirik Shabba – Asap Ferg

lirik Shabba – Asap Ferg [Verse 1] Short nigga but my dick tall What I told your bitch dog Only thug nigga down at the Pitchfork Dirty van bitches wanna suck my dick off Pop a Xany 'fore her panty get to hit floor Run up in

45. Lirik Only One Way Up – Jim Jones

lirik Only One Way Up – Jim Jones Uh yeah Jones, uhNow we set them presidents, to get them presidents Over the ones that are dead, we'll put guns to your head Put dots on your loaf like you was wonder the bread Sheek, Zeke, hell rell

46. Lirik Palestina – 8 Ball

lirik Palestina – 8 BallTerdengar hingar bingar senjata..Darah tertumpah bersamaan dengan air mata..Mereka tertindas alat perang melindas..Harapan tuk damai kini jelas telah kandas..Entah sampai kapan akan bertahan…..

47. Lirik Dia – Rocket Rockers

lirik Dia – Rocket RockersTak pernah ada jalan keluarSaat kita berbeda pendapatJalan itu ku temuiDan kini diapun pergi menghilangSaat aku akan mencobaUntuk lebih saling mengertiTak akan ada yang lainTak akan mungkin

49. Lirik Bangkit – Rocket Rockers

lirik Bangkit – Rocket RockersMenantang hari, coba 'tuk temui, semua rasa benci dan segala aral menanti Blah! Bosan ku melihat semua pecundang, membabi buta teriak tanpa alasan Menghabisi teman, puh! Ludahi kawan, merasa benar,
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