Kumpulan sabaton | Lirik Lagu sabaton

2. Lirik Jawbreaker – Sabaton

lirik Jawbreaker – SabatonDeadly as the viperPeering from its coilThe poison there is coming to the boilTicking like a time bombThe fuse is running shorton the verge of snapping if it's caughtAnd all the pressure that's been

3. Lirik Speeder – Sabaton

lirik Speeder – SabatonBorn with a heart of a lion, raving to space on your own.Into the belt of Orion, g-forces bite to the boneSpeed makes your heart burn like fireSpeed makes your heart burn with lustChallenges taking

4. Lirik Ghost Division – Sabaton

lirik Ghost Division – SabatonFast as the wind, the invasion has begunShaking the ground with the force of thousand gunsFirst in the line of fire, first into hostile landTanks leading the way, leading the wayCharging the lines

5. Lirik Dream Destroyer – Sabaton

lirik Dream Destroyer – SabatonAnnihilator, breaker of this worldBring destruction, suffering and painLord of fire, satan's number oneDeath machine and plague and poison bringerTurn out the light, I've come for vengeanceIn the
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