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2. Lirik Jawbreaker – Sabaton

lirik Jawbreaker – SabatonDeadly as the viperPeering from its coilThe poison there is coming to the boilTicking like a time bombThe fuse is running shorton the verge of snapping if it's caughtAnd all the pressure that's been

3. Lirik Speeder – Sabaton

lirik Speeder – SabatonBorn with a heart of a lion, raving to space on your own.Into the belt of Orion, g-forces bite to the boneSpeed makes your heart burn like fireSpeed makes your heart burn with lustChallenges taking

4. Lirik Uprising – Sabaton

lirik Uprising – SabatonWarsaw Rise!Do you remember when when the Nazis forced their rule on Poland 1939 and the allies turned awayFrom the underground rose a hope of freedom as a whisperCity in despair but they never lost

5. Lirik Carolus Rex – Sabaton

lirik Carolus Rex – SabatonAll embrace me, it's my time to rule at lastFifteen years have I been waiting to sit upon my throneNo allegiance I will swear no oathCrowned by God not by the church as my power is divineThey thought

6. Lirik Sparta – Sabaton

lirik Sparta – SabatonMany many years ago, when Persia came ashoreHeeding Leonidas' call the Spartans went to warJoined by their brothers, a few against the fateful hordeHellenic hearts are set aflame, the hot gates calls

7. Lirik The Last Battle – Sabaton

lirik The Last Battle – Sabaton5th of May, V day is just around the corner1945 the Fhrer's reign is at its endJenny at the gates, as the SS open fireThere's no time to waste, the final battle has begunAfter the downfall, a castle

8. Lirik Wolfpack – Sabaton

lirik Wolfpack – SabatonTo their own shore came the world warGleaves and InghamLeading the bury westTook the short way inThe long route back convoy 92Bury Gleaves and Ingham leadingTankers to the westAnd upon the north

9. Lirik Stalingrad – Sabaton

lirik Stalingrad – SabatonFresh from MoscowOver Volga came to comrades aidCity in despairAlmost crushed by the fhrers armyOh it's colder than hellHitlers forces advancingThe sound of mortarsThe music of deathA grand

10. Lirik Counterstrike – Sabaton

lirik Counterstrike – SabatonKickstart fighter launchThrottle set to fullSpeed king race to winAfterburners roaringGhostlike counterstrikeTakes them by surpriseScore 307Israelis rule the heavenJordan attacks Israel crush

11. Lirik Ghost Division – Sabaton

lirik Ghost Division – SabatonFast as the wind, the invasion has begunShaking the ground with the force of thousand gunsFirst in the line of fire, first into hostile landTanks leading the way, leading the wayCharging the lines

12. Lirik Dream Destroyer – Sabaton

lirik Dream Destroyer – SabatonAnnihilator, breaker of this worldBring destruction, suffering and painLord of fire, satan's number oneDeath machine and plague and poison bringerTurn out the light, I've come for vengeanceIn the

13. Lirik En Livstid I Krig – Sabaton

lirik En Livstid I Krig – SabatonJag ser mig om och ser mitt hem frsvinna bortMin tid dr hemma knns nu alldeles fr kortBlott ungdom, knappt en man d plikten kallade migOm jag fr se mitt hem igen det vet jag ejBland frnder frn min by

14. Lirik Screaming Eagles – Sabaton

lirik Screaming Eagles – SabatonCrack of the lightning splitting the groundThunder is sounding artillery poundingWrath of the Nazi's cast on BastogneFacing their forces aloneALONE!Sent from the skies jumped into the unknownThe march

15. Lirik Last Dying Breath – Sabaton

lirik Last Dying Breath – SabatonWar begun, the Kaiser has comeDay or night, the shells keep fallingOverrun, but never outdoneStreet to street, denying defeatSoldiers of the Serbian ArmyKeep your heads held highOverrun, you fall one

16. Lirik Blood Of Bannockburn – Sabaton

lirik Blood Of Bannockburn – SabatonNow that our time has come to fightScotland must uniteWe'll make a stand on Stirling groundTo put a challenge to the crownWe are one, we have comeWe're here to break and end the occupationWe have our

17. Lirik The Hammer Has Fallen – Sabaton

lirik The Hammer Has Fallen – SabatonHere I am standing, darkness all around.Thinking of past, taken my last breath, the air is cold as iceNo one close to hear my voiceDid not leave me with a choiceHeaven will you wait for me?Will I find

18. Lirik All Guns Blazing – Sabaton

lirik All Guns Blazing – SabatonTwisting the strangle gripWon't give no mercyFeeling those tendons ripTorn up and meanTwisting the strangle gripWon't give no mercyFeeling those tendons ripTorn up and meanBlastmaster wracks the

19. Lirik Panzer Battalion – Sabaton

lirik Panzer Battalion – SabatonUnder this sun no shadows will fallPiercing our eyes as we chargeAn armoured battalion on course to the eastClosing the end of it's marchThis time we're here to finish a jobStarted a decade agoDriving

20. Lirik Reign Of Terror – Sabaton

lirik Reign Of Terror – SabatonThe sky is on fire burning black goldEyes of the west turn to eastDriven by greed and an urge to destroyMerciless killing your ownSlave to the power a slave to the goldRuthlessly ruling the eastYour
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