Kumpulan saigon | Lirik Lagu saigon

1. Lirik Pain In My Life Remix – Saigon

lirik Pain In My Life Remix – Saigon Pain in my life, life, life Check From the graffiti in the pissy project hallways To niggas hustling on the block Settin’ up shop crack cocaine bottle of red tops Youngins with the boom box

2. Lirik Believe It – Saigon

lirik Believe It – Saigon Oh Clap Whoa, oh We keep rising to the top Whoa, oh And keep eyes out for the cops Whoa, oh And that’s what it gon’ be Whoa, oh ‘Cause you ain’t gon’ stop me They got

3. Lirik Let A Nigga Know – Saigon

lirik Let A Nigga Know – Saigon Let a nigga know You wanna go to war, bop You wanna hear the 44 pop You wanna see the gun that will make More than just your jaw drop You wanna mess with the best But do you want to save Your mama

4. Lirik Say Yes – Saigon

lirik Say Yes – Saigon [Intro] Yo, lets get it popping up in here yo Yeah, there it go Yeah, thats what I was lookin’ for Ayo, check it out son Im’ma show these cats how we do it [Verse 1] Before we did raps,

5. Lirik Bring Me Down Pt.3 – Saigon

lirik Bring Me Down Pt.3 – Saigon Yea, y’all know what the verdict is merciless verbalist Spitting murderous verses with no preservatives Im glad I could be of some service to you suckers Cause lately Ive been born to murder

6. Lirik The Invitation – Saigon

lirik The Invitation – Saigon Ain’t nothin’ stoppin’ this murderin’ in Metropolis I represent the poor profitless corner monopolipis The pessimist outnumber the optimist on the block and it’s Coppers

7. Lirik The Colour Purple – Saigon

lirik The Colour Purple – Saigon Been a long time coming, but I’m about to change thang Holler at these kids, they like to gang bang Whether you’re real with it or just playing games Whether you maintain or banging that

8. Lirik I Am 4 Real – Saigon

lirik I Am 4 Real – Saigon i told niggas once i start they can’t stop my kick got skill skill i am 4 real i ain’t got just could get to black mother f*cker I bill i am 4 real i’m just telling you how i feel i
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