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1. Lirik Fuckin Wit' Face – Scarface

lirik Fuckin Wit' Face – Scarface (scarface) Fears weightless, I fear none in the physical form Let us face, nigga, you cant do me no harm Up here shakin, wishin me well, but deep in you heart You wantin me close to make sure I dont

2. Lirik Look Me In My Eyes – Scarface

lirik Look Me In My Eyes – Scarface [Scarface] Look me in my eyes, tell me what you see Do you think I'm cra-zy??? (AAAAAGHHH!! Just bein me) Sometimes I wanna die, maybe I'll be free Free from all this bullshit that's constantly

5. Lirik I’m That feat. 2 Chainz – R City

lirik I’m That feat. 2 Chainz – R CityWe coming, we coming, we coming (hey!)Sim simma, I just wan' buy me a BeamerTick tick, blow up! Hiroshima!Who am I? Im that nigga!Who am I? Im that nigga!Look, real nigga, no faking, island boy but I

6. Lirik Ww Iii – Ruff Ryders

lirik Ww Iii – Ruff Ryders Ruff Ryders, Ruff Ryders Ryde or Die, Volume 2(Tugboats, it's over)Ahh hahaha It's the second time around motherfucker! Volume 2, Ryde or Die, biatch! Gangsta nigga and we gon' rock this motherfucker

7. Lirik Put You On Game – Lupe Fiasco

lirik Put You On Game – Lupe Fiasco Let me put you on gameDon't you know that I run this place And I've begun this race Must I rerun this pace I'm the reason it's become this way And their love for it is the reason I have become this

8. Lirik On And On – Missy Elliott

lirik On And On – Missy Elliott Beware, you're now listening To the sounds of Mis-Demeanor Turn everything up, all the levels All the fuckin' levelsMissy be the name Missy be the name Missy be the name Missy be the nameMissy be the

9. Lirik Time Machine – Big K.r.i.t.

lirik Time Machine – Big K.r.i.t. [Hook] In my time machine, yea I ride, clean Marinate the scene with my high beams Candy coated dreams, whenever I, lean Take me forward far, this aint just my car This my time machine (take me way

12. Lirik No Haters – Lil Wayne

lirik No Haters – Lil Wayne [Verse:] We catch a body and we laugh about it I fucked her friend, I don't feel bad about it Grindin' is agonizing but it's gratifying Skinny tires on a salad diet I lost my mind, I'm like fuck

14. Lirik My Ghetto Heroes – Master P

lirik My Ghetto Heroes – Master P [master p]Ha ha ha Most niggas might think I'm crazy when I tell em this (yeah g) But you know what most nigga look up to like presidents Niggas thats in sports All this type of shit as heroes They

15. Lirik Run – Ghostface Killah

lirik Run – Ghostface Killah Aiyo, I jumped from the 8th floor step, hit the ground The pound fell, cops is coming Running through the pissy stairwells, I ain't hear nothin' Bugging, only thing I remember was the bullshit

16. Lirik Nobody's Smiling – Common

lirik Nobody's Smiling – Common Don't stop Getting their trap Hand in the pot Baby that'll do itI'm from Chicago, nobody's smiling Niggas wyling on Stoney Island Where the chief and the president come from Pop out, pop pills, pop

17. Lirik It's So Hard – Big Punisher

lirik It's So Hard – Big Punisher [Big Punisher] You can catch me in the cherry red one-fifty Got the grizzy locked in the stizzy Pop the clizzy goin sixty down a one-wizzy Drunk pissy, tryin to cruise through the avenue While my

19. Lirik You're Everything – Bun B

lirik You're Everything – Bun B Man f'real I love bein' from the Dirty South man It made me the G I am today, made me the hustler I am today The grinder, the baller, the gangster I am today man Lot of people got opinions and,

20. Lirik Strange Fruit – Pete Rock

lirik Strange Fruit – Pete Rock Subliminal thug-ism, rap mysticism For all my niggas locked with life in state prison We combinate, like dime piece and sperm jizm Queens niggas going to trial, just sit and listenFake crooks come in

23. Lirik God – Scarface

lirik God – Scarface If I had to play God for a day I would open up the gates let the world see my face Remove all doubt from the ones without the faith And put them on the path of the straight A safe place, for the

24. Lirik Get Out – Scarface

lirik Get Out – Scarface C'mon, yeah, Face Mob, uh, huh, uh, huh, uh His name is Jigga, yeah, what's happenin' baby? Wsup, wsup witcha? Tryin' to get this loot Yeah, know what I'm sayin'? No doubtSo what's it gon' be? Women

25. Lirik Girl You Know – Scarface

lirik Girl You Know – Scarface Yeah, what do you mean, where am I at? Ill call you backGirl you know, girl you know I, I, I Girl you know I, I, I love you Girl you know, girl you know I, I, I Girl you know I, I, I love youI think

26. Lirik Faith – Scarface

lirik Faith – Scarface [ VERSE 1 ] Deep in the mind that wide opens Right here we stand alive, we live focused We open-minded, still we die hopeless With our pride broken and bullet holes covered where we stay at And

27. Lirik Dollar – Scarface

lirik Dollar – Scarface Dollar DollarI'm 'bout my game, can't take shit light Rich today, be broke tonight I duck the pin 'cuz I seek the light On my grind, my grind's my lifeMy life's my hood, my home is slums My boys is

28. Lirik Jesse James – Scarface

lirik Jesse James – Scarface Snuck up behind him, had his hands in his pocket Too my pistol out, unlocked it, pulled the hammer back and cocked it And left his shit all on the carpet, I seen a (Murder, murder) I pin-pointed my
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