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1. Lirik There He Go – Schoolboy Q

lirik There He Go – Schoolboy QAin't got no jewelry on still I'm shinin' hardAin't got no bodyguard walkin' solo through the mallBitches and the hoes know they see me they like There he go!They be like There he go! Schoolboy, there

2. Lirik Brand New Guy – Asap Rocky

lirik Brand New Guy – Asap Rocky [Verse 1: Asap Rocky] I'm camo down to my boxers, gold teeth, a bathing ape It's animals in my projects like monkeys, orangutans Banana clip on that chopper, I hold heat, bangers bang (Let Chiquita

3. Lirik Blessed – Schoolboy Q

lirik Blessed – Schoolboy Q [Verse 1: ScHoolBoy Q] What its like for a nigga like me Livin out his backpack every night needin a new place to sleep But this is now, nigga!Ones for the money, two for the bitches Three to get

4. Lirik Queen Of New Orleans – Bon Jovi

lirik Queen Of New Orleans – Bon JoviShe said: "Baby our love's just like your songs The beat ain't bad but the words are all wrong It's time to pack my bags, it's time to just move on" She sang: "Johnny, I'm gone, gone, gone" And she

5. Lirik 2 On feat. Schoolboy Q – Tinashe

lirik 2 On feat. Schoolboy Q – TinasheGive me all that you got nowMake you want me 'cause I'm hot nowI'm gone, so faded I'm on oneBang bang, pop off like the long gunIf you a lame, nigga you ain't making no noiseGet faded, turn up with

8. Lirik Hoover Street – Schoolboy Q

lirik Hoover Street – Schoolboy Q I got that work, fuck Labor Day, just bought a gun Fuck punching in, throwing rocks, no hopscotch Bet my 9 milli hit the right spot Bang, last night it was a dream This morning a fantasy Back when

10. Lirik What They Want – Schoolboy Q

lirik What They Want – Schoolboy Q This the shit that they need, tell me where are you from Drop your pants to your knees, girl I'm capital GMight pull up in my bucket This nine holds a good dozen Might slide up in your cousin Just

11. Lirik iBETiGOTSUMWEED – Schoolboy Q

lirik iBETiGOTSUMWEED – Schoolboy QEverytime that I wake up, I swear I'm never downEven when I'm in my dreams, I'm high off self esteemBlowin' on that Jamaica my niggas love the team, marijuana fiendKeep your Black N Milds and cigs cuz

12. Lirik Kamikaze – Schoolboy Q

lirik Kamikaze – Schoolboy QGun me down, I'll gun you downTrade a body for a bodyNigga kamikazeTired of living no healthcare, I ain't fucking with wellfareBut its rap down, Hells near, Sherm on every corner like fountains nearG

13. Lirik Los Awesome – Schoolboy Q

lirik Los Awesome – Schoolboy Q I'm a groovy type nigga, rather two-step with you Pants sagging, rag dragging, rather gangbang with you Triggers squeeze, throw a palette, throw them thing-things with you Hot degrees anti-freeze,

14. Lirik Sacrilegious – Schoolboy Q

lirik Sacrilegious – Schoolboy QGloomy on sunny daysShadows no house or treesPrayers now close to me as I bow down and take a kneeHell goes far as the eye can seeHoodies and weaponryNave to being freeLocked up, we chasing keysHow ya

15. Lirik Party – Schoolboy Q

lirik Party – Schoolboy Q Mama ain't raise no fool Daddy told me never leave the house without my tool Papa told me never trust a sucka nigga from the streets Grandma said she love me and she always praying for me But I just

16. Lirik Oxy Music – Schoolboy Q

lirik Oxy Music – Schoolboy QYeah I got my hustle dogI gets my hustle off, oxycontin hero-oineCra-zayy I got my chopper dogDon't make me chop him offChop chop chop chop, knock him offBlood on the wall, death in the airBirds on

17. Lirik My Homie – Schoolboy Q

lirik My Homie – Schoolboy Q Yeah, yeah! Girl, yeah, yeah, yeah! Come on! Just wanna fuck off! Yeah, yeah, yeah![Hook:] What's a real nigga addiction? Money weed and bitches Hanging with snitches Shit it wasn't my intention[

18. Lirik Collard Greens – Schoolboy Q

lirik Collard Greens – Schoolboy Q Yeah, yeah, yeah Uh uh, yo yaOh (oh) luxury Chidi-ching-ching could buy anything, cop that Oh (oh) collard greens Three degrees low, make it hot for me, drop that Oh (oh) down with the shit King shit
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