Kumpulan seafret | Lirik Lagu seafret

1. Lirik Wildfire – Seafret

lirik Wildfire – SeafretYou think you know all about it then it seems you are wrongShe hit it out of the park before it’d even begunI needed sunshine in the darkness burning outWell now I know that I’m the fuel

2. Lirik Drown – Seafret

lirik Drown – SeafretWhat doesn’t kill youMakes you wish you undeadGot a hole in my soul growing deeper and deeperAnd I can’t takeOne more moment of this silenceThe loneliness is killing meAnd the weight of

3. Lirik Atlantis – Seafret

lirik Atlantis – SeafretThe birds that left the trees the light bores onto meI can feel you lying there all on your ownWe got here the hard way all those words that we exchangeIs it any wonder things get dark? Cause in my

4. Lirik Be There – Seafret

lirik Be There – SeafretYou’ve got me surroundedIt feels like I’m drowning and I don’t want to come up for airI lost everything I threw myself in and you took me when no one was thereWell you can take what

5. Lirik Sinking Ship – Seafret

lirik Sinking Ship – SeafretI heard about love, but I’m not readyI heard about trust and what you said I believeSo what about us It’s already too much and it’s only just foundThat’s no masking love, when
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