Kumpulan shinedown | Lirik Lagu shinedown

1. Lirik Ada Yang Tau Daftar Lagu Rock ?

lirik Ada Yang Tau Daftar Lagu Rock ? berikan daftar 10 lagu rock terkeren n terbaru donk!! lagu lawas jg gak papa ? adi afriyantoni 1.Linkin Park - New Divide 2.System Of A Down - Empty Walls 3.Muse - Uprising 4.Avenged

2. Lirik Better Version – Shinedown

lirik Better Version – ShinedownExcuse the messI didn't see you from behindI caught a glimpseBut the reflection's only mineIt's almost like I'm paralyzed and locked outside myselfWhat I don't need is to concede

3. Lirik Crying Out – Shinedown

lirik Crying Out – ShinedownDon't use a weaknessDon't change the subjectDon't ask the questions if you fear the answerYou look distorted, lets make you clearerLets flip the switch and use the smoke and mirrorsRe-

5. Lirik Cut The Cord – Shinedown

lirik Cut The Cord – Shinedown(Freedom, la la la la)(Freedom, follow me)(Freedom, la la la la)(Freedom) Cut it(Freedom, la la la la)(Freedom, follow me)(Freedom, la la la la)(Freedom)Let me tell you, I'm viciousNot pass-

6. Lirik Burning Bright – Shinedown

lirik Burning Bright – ShinedownI feel like there is no need for conversationSome questions are better left without a reasonAnd I would rather reveal myself than my situationNow and then I consider my hesitationThe more the light
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