Kumpulan skillet | Lirik Lagu skillet

1. Lirik Undefeated – Skillet

lirik Undefeated – SkilletI’m undefeated Hands on my neck, foot on my backClosing in from every sideBleeding me dry, I’m fading fast Left for dead but I will rise up on my ownI could make it alone, I got all that I

2. Lirik Lions – Skillet

lirik Lions – SkilletToday we live, today we breatheToday we know that we are strong when we are weakToday we trust, we overcomeTake every chain that kept us slaves and throw em’ off We’re not waiting for

3. Lirik Out Of Hell – Skillet

lirik Out Of Hell – SkilletI’ve been down in the dirt, lost for so longAnd pushed around, beaten downGot nothing left to lose, all hope is goneGot buried deep underground Oh, can you see me?Oh, can you hear me? Can you

4. Lirik Stars – Skillet

lirik Stars – SkilletYou spoke a word and life beganTold oceans where to start and where to endYou set in motion time and spaceBut still you come and you call to me by nameStill you come and you call to me by name If you

5. Lirik Famous – Skillet

lirik Famous – SkilletI testify, this is not a secret meant to keepYour love, like fire, spreading from my heart straight to my feet And when I was dead, you gave me new lifeI’m lifting you up with all of my mightI
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