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1. Lirik Touch Of Grey – Bon Jovi

lirik Touch Of Grey – Bon JoviPeople people everywhereThere's revolution in the airProtest signs and people walkingTalking heads on TV talkingPick a team, choose your sideAin't no room for compromiseWe're running out of better

7. Lirik Fountain – Pas Band

lirik Fountain – Pas Bandnight got scare the dark, to the bottom of the empty words always bleeding my brain unsign papers, lies on the apartment floor like to tell that tomorow will never happen ooo..dreams lead another

9. Lirik Gazer – Orbit

lirik Gazer – OrbitWhen darkness comes It finds you in your bed Fast asleep with pictures in your head And you're the gazer, serene and far away Wake up comes, and tones return to grey

10. Lirik Buy U A Drink – T Pain

lirik Buy U A Drink – T Pain (Shawty snaps) T-Pain (Damn, shawty snaps) Yung Joc (Shawty snaps) Ey, ey, she snappinSnap ya fingers, do the step You can do it all by yourselfBaby girl, whats your name? Let me talk to you, let me

11. Lirik Rainy Days – Bunglon

lirik Rainy Days – BunglonHere we are In the middle of September And the rain comes down again Stay inside We don't have to leave the bedroom Where it's safe and warm and dry (hia .. hia .. hia) I can't wait to see the

14. Lirik Fitnah – Edane

lirik Fitnah – EdaneHiyeeee Gossip sana sini, bakar sana sini Tak ada kompromi saena e dewe Sikut sana sini, hujat sana sini Tiada peduli, semakin cuek #Wau ! Lu gile / now lu gile Kau munafik Whoi kaya anjing gue jilat

17. Lirik Emptiness – Mary Jane

lirik Emptiness – Mary JaneDon't touch my heart It burns But I enjoy the pain The pain that I deserve That I desire God is waiting to damn me For loving you For finding you Although It's not my fucking fault

18. Lirik Tomorrow – Annie

lirik Tomorrow – Annie The sun will come out tomorrow Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow There'll be sunJust thinkin' about tomorrow Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow 'til there's none meaning  byAmandaH

19. Lirik Fail – Bening

lirik Fail – BeningI never knew that I could turn this pain All the beautiful memory turns to grey I even could write a song For believe the strength for my own I`ve never understand of how i feel I need

21. Lirik This Shattered Dawnbreak – Aura

lirik This Shattered Dawnbreak – AuraIn colourwaves... ...neverending streams. When the stars sleep... ...they come ! Upheaved... ...above the freezing clouds. I will welcome them ! Children of the dawn, in circles they advance

23. Lirik Why Don’t Just – Andezzz

lirik Why Don’t Just – AndezzzVerse 1You know it’s just another cloudy dayImagine if you got another chanceTo make it seem all alrightAnd give you a lightWhy are you putting a frown on your faceDon’t let the blue sky

24. Lirik Memory Of Your Shores – Anggun

lirik Memory Of Your Shores – AnggunSmoke fills the sky Another day in a new town for me I look for the light Under the clouds, beyond the concrete Up here I hide Watching the crowds move along Down those grey streets, I am lost

25. Lirik Glass Eyes – Radiohead

lirik Glass Eyes – RadioheadHey it's meI just got off the trainA frightening placeTheir faces are concrete greyAnd I'm wondering, should I turn around?Buy another ticketPanic is coming on strongSo cold, from the inside outNo

27. Lirik Story Of My Life – Bon Jovi

lirik Story Of My Life – Bon JoviYesterdays a memoryAnother page in historyYou sell yourself on hopes and dreams That leaves you feeling sideways.Tripping over my own feet Trying to walk to my own beatAnother car out on the street

29. Lirik Dead Man’s Curve – Blink 182

lirik Dead Man’s Curve – Blink 182I was cruising in my steam red late one nightWhen an XKE pulled up on the rightHe rolled down the window of his shiny new jagAnd challenged me then and there to a dragI said 'You're On, buddy, my mill

32. Lirik Introducing Palace Players – Mew

lirik Introducing Palace Players – MewAll that I say we do?What is it that you do?You gotta get back up yourself.We know so much.So much we do.No answer.In a word,You were toldThat he'd fix your shaky hand.And what got madeWas broken, too

34. Lirik Oceans Away – Elton John

lirik Oceans Away – Elton JohnI hung out with the old folksIn the hope that I'd get wiseI was trying to bridge the gapBetween the great divideHung on every recollectionIn the theater of their eyesPicking up on this and thatIn the

36. Lirik Live Your Life – Mika

lirik Live Your Life – MikaYou've got the whole world in your pocketBut you just don't knowEverybody's smilin' at you everywhere you goIt's like you've got that secretThat everybody else wants to knowAnywhere you are is just

37. Lirik Fly In Her Nikes – Mac Miller

lirik Fly In Her Nikes – Mac MillerShe looking fly, girls fly in her NikesFresh new Jordans or fresh pair of Ice creamsOooo she's a dime she keep em so nicelyThe way she's rocking them kicks gotta make her my wifeyYou're looking fly,

38. Lirik Bright – Echosmith

lirik Bright – EchosmithI think the universe is on my sideHeaven and Earth have finally alignedDays are good and that's the way it should beYou sprinkle star dust on my pillow caseIt's like a moonbeam brushed across my

39. Lirik What About Now – Bon Jovi

lirik What About Now – Bon JoviYou wanna start a fireIt only takes a sparkYou gotta get behind the wheelIf you're ever gonna drive that carIf you wanna take a biteYou'd better have the teethIf you're gonna take that stepThen get up

41. Lirik Love Is Easy – McFly

lirik Love Is Easy – McFlyDo, do, do, do, do, do, do, do…Today I’m laughing the clouds awayI hear what the flowers sayAnd drink every drop of rainAnd I see places that I’ve beenIn ways that I’ve never

43. Lirik Unbreakable – Bon Jovi

lirik Unbreakable – Bon JoviYou said you made me and you break meYou said it ain't hard to shake meUh huh, uh huhYou threw me ever since you've taken me downYou came like a rainy grey MondayI prayed like it was a SundayYou say,

44. Lirik POV – Kid Ink

lirik POV – Kid InkYou ready? This when you see the little red light come onNow, I need you to preform to sellThis sound like porn musicNow, I need you to preform to sellThis that new porn musicI see you girl,

45. Lirik On The Southside – Trae

lirik On The Southside – Trae (*talking*) Screwzoo, what's the deal baby Lil' Trae up in here, putting it down Trying to hold it down, know I'm saying Everybody out here, still representing to the fullest You know I'ma hold it

47. Lirik Why – Mary J Blige

lirik Why – Mary J Blige I've been logging in my bed, crying til my eyes are red We both said that things will change But it's still the same shade of grey I get mad you walk away When it all just start to fade I know you're

49. Lirik Talkin' – Three 6 Mafia

lirik Talkin' – Three 6 Mafia Aye my nigga, with tha green hat. U need to shave my nigga. Ah my fault, I mean with tha grey hat. Get yo muthafuckin shave man. Yo whats goin down? Kings of Memhpis (yeah) Triple 6 Mafia Underground
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