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3. Lirik Dance With Me – Bee Band

lirik Dance With Me – Bee BandBoy please look at me Don’t look so sad Talk to me baby Let’s just be glad Join have fun with me To fill true lifes Oh come on..Life goes on Reff: dance with me my baby Dance with me all night

6. Lirik Dance with Me – Tompi

lirik Dance with Me – TompiThere are lots of bands playing tonight A funk, soul, hip hop and swing A big band concert under the stars So what are u waiting for lets have fun tonite For some gals and gents. All of those events

13. Lirik I Just Wanna Dance – Tiffany

lirik I Just Wanna Dance – Tiffanymyeochiljjae naerin biga geuchin bamI feel good jeojeun geori wiro bichin jomyeonghanpyeonui syoga kkeutnan hueteong bin mudae gateun dosiIts alright Its alrightjeojeun gonggi sogeuronal bichuneun

16. Lirik Magic – Senoritas

lirik Magic – SenoritasMagic!Dance!Magic!Dance!I am so over you yet baby I’m still in obsessionNo I’m not crazy neither tipsy oh it's my depressionGive me one good reason why I should leave oh(I’m gonna

18. Lirik Stepin’ Out – Kaskade

lirik Stepin’ Out – KaskadeHere we areWe've come so farA fine romanceOf steppin' out to dance.Your lovely charmsWhen you're in my armsThat subtle glanceWhen steppin' out to dance.Could you think it over?When we

22. Lirik The Dance – Westlife

lirik The Dance – WestlifeLooking back on the memory of The dance we shared beneath the stars above And For a moment all the world was right How could I have known that you'd ever say goodbye And now I'm glad I didn't know The

23. Lirik I Can't Wait – Keke Wyatt

lirik I Can't Wait – Keke Wyatt D-d-dance right now, dance right now, dance right now Dance right now, come on dance right now Stone gonna make you dance right now He gonna make you dance right now KeKe gonna make you dance right

26. Lirik Love Dance – George Benson

lirik Love Dance – George Benson From too much talk to silent touches Sweet touches We turned our hearts to love Then tried it, first time romance There in the quiet, love learns to danceWe loved, we slept, we left the lights on The

27. Lirik Dance With Me – Nino

lirik Dance With Me – NinoDance with me (2x) Every night, I close my eyes and all I see is you But to dream of you being mine is all that I can do I don't even think you see me, I don't even think you know But if I get

29. Lirik Bandz – August Alsina

lirik Bandz – August AlsinaOh, what would it take to make you happy?Dont hesitate to let me knowTell me what are you looking for exactly?Open up your mouth and let a nigga knowBaby wont you tell me, pleaseWhat I can do to make

31. Lirik With U – Big Bang

lirik With U – Big BangOh... Oooooh...Oh... Oooooh...Yeah...YB:She stands there looking at meI know she's wonderin'If she should kick it with meCuz you all got that somethin'If she be wanting to freakThe shakin' thunderin'

32. Lirik Yoga – Janelle Mone

lirik Yoga – Janelle Mone Let yo booty do that yogaParty at the beach down in Copacabana Sipping Killepitsch, got my black yoga pants on Me and Brittany, we've been down in Atlanta Sweating in the club, call me Dirty Diana

33. Lirik Candy – Kelis

lirik Candy – Kelis [Kelis] I taste just like candy, candy I taste just like candy So dance with me[Foxy] Yo now let me paint y'all a whisper Fox pimp hard, quiet just like a whisper Don't get it mixed up Bad little

34. Lirik Just Dance – Lady Gaga

lirik Just Dance – Lady GagaRed OneConvictGagaIa€™ve had a little bit too muchAll of the people start to rush.start to rush by.How does he twist a dance?Cana€™t find my drink or man.Where are my keys, I lost my phone.Whata

36. Lirik The City – Madeon

lirik The City – MadeonThere is a place in the distanceA place that I've been dreaming of,no no time in space don't exist thereWe can dance like there's no tomorrowThere is a place, no time in spaceI got tomorrow toI got to

37. Lirik The Last Dance – Magnum

lirik The Last Dance – MagnumThe last dance might be your last chance Over your shoulder you turn and you glance They walk past still no one has asked Feeling much older the evening has crashed Don't surrender don't

43. Lirik Sway – Blue October

lirik Sway – Blue OctoberWe swayGrabbed her by the hips and handThen off we wentAcross the sanded floorShe said that's not sand, it's saltIt will get worn like we did beforeI only wanna dance with youEvery time I tryWe only

46. Lirik Blackened – Metallica

lirik Blackened – MetallicaBlackened is the endWinter it will sendThrowing all you seeInto obscurityDeath of Mother EarthNever a rebirthEvolution's endNever will it mendNeverFireTo begin whipping dance of the deadBlackened is

47. Lirik Dare (La La La) – Shakira

lirik Dare (La La La) – ShakiraLa la la la laI dare you!All of my life, to lateTo you showed out with perfect timingNow, here we are, you rock itOur fingers are stuck in the socketIt's just a mature, a gameGet ready, we'll do it

48. Lirik I Heart You – Toni Braxton

lirik I Heart You – Toni BraxtonSitting here, thinking of youWith a candle lit, fantasizingI feel your lips, your tender kissJust moveWhatever gonna doI love you, ooh, I love youDrive me crazy, thinking about my babyI love you, but

50. Lirik Pesta – The Sister

lirik Pesta – The SisterInilah suasana di tengah pestaKu menunggu datangnya kamuTak juga kau datang menemaniTapi ku lihat kau asik dengan yang lainMeratap tapi ku coba biasa sajaLihat ku buktikan aku bisaLelaki bukan kamu
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