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2. Lirik Sugar Honey Iced Tea – Kelis

lirik Sugar Honey Iced Tea – Kelis I woke up this mornin' and seen somethin' bright Was that you? Then I heard a voice sound like birds outside Was that you?But I bet you didn't know You're my sugar honey iced tea, baby You're just as

3. Lirik Free – Lenka

lirik Free – LenkaHere's a locked, here's a keyOpened it up! Set yourself freefree free freeMovin' along, singing the songFly like a bird, elaborate me Me, me, meSay goodbye To yesterday, let go of everywayI held

6. Lirik Sugar – Maroon 5

lirik Sugar – Maroon 5I'm hurting, baby, I'm broken downI need your loving, lovingI need it nowWhen I'm without youI'm something weakYou got me begging, beggingI'm on my kneesI don't wanna be needing your loveI just wanna

7. Lirik Sugar – Garbage

lirik Sugar – GarbageGive me sugarGive me, something sweetI’ve spent a lifetimeFeelin’ incompleteIf I sound bitterOr if I come too latePlease reconsiderI don’t need much on my plateJust give me sugarDon

8. Lirik Set Me Free – Younha

lirik Set Me Free – YounhaBitbaraennalgeungieongmeomchunsigyesokNugudochatjimotanhuimihaejinnauimoseupBiteulgeorineunkkumdeuljogeumssingmeoreojindaDartorogwonhaenaegemueotdonamjianheunnaegeSet me free let me

12. Lirik I Want To Break Free – Dewa 19

lirik I Want To Break Free – Dewa 19I want to break free..I want to break free..I want to break freefrom your lies..Youa€™re so self satisfiedI dona€™t need youIa€™ve got to break free..God knows..God knows I want to break free Ia

14. Lirik Free – Haley Reinhart

lirik Free – Haley ReinhartIt’s not like I’m invisible, you still wear me under your skinWhen we talk, we don’t talk at allToo weak to leave, too stubborn to give inWho is gonna be the first to say a truceIt&#

16. Lirik Feel Free – Nicki Minaj

lirik Feel Free – Nicki Minaj [Nicki Minaj:] Hopped off the boat, I am such a immigrant Why he get Nicki Minaj tatted on his ligament Wait, just for the record get wetter than fisherman Pull up with some 26s up under the Michelin

19. Lirik Candy – Jasmine V

lirik Candy – Jasmine V I wanna love him, cant leave him And like a sugar rush, I need him And every time I cant see him All I think about is me and him Sweeter than candy, you make my bed rock They say youre bad for me boy

22. Lirik To Love – Brooke Hogan

lirik To Love – Brooke Hogan Briscoooooooooo! Brooke Hogan! The hatersssssssss! You don't know.(Chorus) You're tearing up my heart Breaking down my sugar walls, tell me what you think about us Wasn't really trying to fall in

25. Lirik Free – Broods

lirik Free – BroodsI'd lose everything so I can singHallelujah, I'm freeI'm free, I'm freeI'm free, I'm freeI have lived my life so perfectlyKept to all my lines so carefullyI'd lose everything so I can singHallelujah,

26. Lirik BITE – Troye Sivan

lirik BITE – Troye SivanKiss me on the mouth and set me freeSing me like a choirI can be the subject of your dreamsYour sickening desireDon't you want to see a man up close?A phoenix in the fireSo kiss me on the mouth and

30. Lirik No More – Boomerang

lirik No More – BoomerangKetika ku melihat lagi dari dunia yang berbeda mereka bagaikan hidup di rimba yang kuat dialah yang menang ada tangis kelaparan .. Dan juga kesakitan ada hawa pembunuhan dan nafsu berkuasa tipu

31. Lirik Bird Set Free – Sia

lirik Bird Set Free – SiaClipped wings, I was a broken thingHad a voice, had a voice but I could not singYou would wind me downI struggled on the groundSo lost, the line had been crossedHad a voice, had a voice but I could

32. Lirik Dangerous – Chris Brown

lirik Dangerous – Chris Brown I don't know where the lights are taking us But something in the night is dangerous (let's go) And nothing's holding back the two of us Baby this is getting serious(Dangerous)Dangerous,dangerous,

35. Lirik Lazarus – David Bowie

lirik Lazarus – David BowieLook up here, Im in heavenIve got scars that cant be seenIve got drama, cant be stolenEverybody knows me nowLook up here, man, Im in dangerIve got nothing left to loseIm so high it makes my brain

36. Lirik Suga Suga – Baby Bash

lirik Suga Suga – Baby Bash So tight, so fly You got me lifted, you got me liftedYou got me lifted shifted higher than a ceilin' And ooh wee it's the ultimate feelin' You got me lifted feeling so giftedSugar how you get so fly

39. Lirik Day 'n' Nite – Kid Cudi

lirik Day 'n' Nite – Kid Cudi Day and night (what, what) I toss and turn, I keep stressing my mind, mind (what, what) I look for peace but see I don't attain (what, what) What I need for keeps this silly game we play, play Now

45. Lirik Hair – Lady Gaga

lirik Hair – Lady Gaga Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, oh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, whoaWhenever I'm dressed cool My parents put up a fight (Uh huh, uh huh) And if I'm hot shot Mom will cut my hair at

46. Lirik M.o.m – Rich Hil

lirik M.o.m – Rich Hil Mom, im a rolling stone i know i aint been home, im better on my own, calling me now , I go so many addictions, but the young people listen, listen to me Mom the first time i tried i felt so free,

47. Lirik Have Fun Around – The Paps

lirik Have Fun Around – The PapsPossessung time is a life's possession It's a gift that falls like a rain to everyone I am what I call time / I am what I call life / I am what I am and I can do what I want I've forgotten how to

48. Lirik Electricity – Elton John

lirik Electricity – Elton John I can't really explain it, I haven't got the words It's a feeling that you can't control I suppose it's like forgetting, losing who you are And at the same time something makes you wholeIt's like

50. Lirik Wash Over Me – Kara

lirik Wash Over Me – Karawash over me all over me come set me free hear my plea wash over me wash over me all over me come set me free hear my plea wash over me Jesus, I need Your cleansing water to flood my
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