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1. Lirik Be Warned – Tech N9ne

lirik Be Warned – Tech N9ne Tech N9ne: The Omega Tech N9ne: The end Tech N9ne: Check it out, check it out [Tech N9ne] Anybody wanna go to war wit a nigga like Tech Neezle When he killin them evil people Anybody thinkin evil is

2. Lirik Fuck Food – Tech N9ne

lirik Fuck Food – Tech N9ne Yeah Ah-ah-ah Ah-ah-ah Ah-ah-ah-ahYeah Yeah-uh (Can you see?) Yeah-uh (See 'em live) Uh-ah-oh-oh (See 'em live)[Tech N9ne]Mmm Yum, a stick of 5 gum is the taste on my tongue But for the right one, I'

3. Lirik Ego – Clipse

lirik Ego – Clipse Yes sirDon't let 'cha ego trick your ass 'Cause this motherfuckin' tech will get your ass Yes, the semi-automatic tech is know to jam But if it don't, that's your ass my manDon't let 'cha ego trick

4. Lirik Sex Out South – Tech N9ne

lirik Sex Out South – Tech N9ne [Chorus: Tech N9ne & Big Krizz Kaliko (2X)] Sex out south-some hit in and out Screamin n cussin-some bustin it out Sex out south-some freaks comin out Sex o s is what it's all about[Verse 1: Kutt

5. Lirik Demons – Tech N9ne

lirik Demons – Tech N9ne [Chorus:] When I was 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4 I knew I was a special one who had a little more And they wondered why I was plum, rotten to the core It was nothin but an itty bitty demon There's a

6. Lirik Sickology 101 – Tech N9ne

lirik Sickology 101 – Tech N9ne [Intro - Chopped and Screwed Voice - talking] Hey, now everybody sit down and shut the fuck up! Class is now in session If you came here to hear that lovey dovey shit - get the fuck out! If you soft

7. Lirik Scorpio – E-40

lirik Scorpio – E-40 [Hook] (London) Scorpio, oh yeah, uh uh yeah, wanna make love, oh yeah huh, uh oh oh yeah, uh[Verse 1] (London): If you assume astrology girl open your mind I know that there's an inner freak in you

9. Lirik Break Ya Neck – Busta Rhymes

lirik Break Ya Neck – Busta Rhymes Yea Check it out, see The only thing you need to do right here is, Is nod your fucking head Yeah, yeah Break ya fucking neck bitches Yeah, yeah Here we go nowWhere we going now? Where we going now?

10. Lirik Fragile – Kendrick Lamar

lirik Fragile – Kendrick Lamar You said you'd never ever break, down But here I am sweeping, pieces off of the ground You said you'd never, ever play, to crowds But I've seen you hoping to play songs to them now I've spent all

11. Lirik De-elite (part 2) – Royce Da 5'9

lirik De-elite (part 2) – Royce Da 5'9 Once again relax, it's just music Niggaz right here, show you how I do Niggaz right here, show you my crew Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahFuck a team like you, who swing like

14. Lirik Thugs 'r' Us – Dj Clue

lirik Thugs 'r' Us – Dj Clue [noreaga] Them niggas really think that it's a game but it's not Niggas kept frontin', brown got popped Word on life, word on my click All a niggas really got in his life is his word and his dick And

16. Lirik Losing Weight Part 2 – Cam'ron

lirik Losing Weight Part 2 – Cam'ron Ayyo, fuck losing weight I'm back on these highways moving cakes Life's based upon what I'ma do today Cop a car, new estate Na, fuck it get the beef and rocks blue and grey Baby do the date I got ta

19. Lirik Time's Up – Jadakiss

lirik Time's Up – Jadakiss Yeah, yo, I'm the nigga with the perpetual oyster bars Mother of pearl delivery, voice of God And, it's hard just being the boss Being I can't go to jail cause them years'll cost me Don't get me

20. Lirik Speaking In Tongues – Cam'ron

lirik Speaking In Tongues – Cam'ron Harlemmmmmmmmmm Who else gon' hold us down? Huh! You In! [x5] Vado! [x5][Vado:] Say wahhhhhh!? What you mean! what you need ma? Yeah, you doing your thing ma Ass crack is seen outta your jeans ma Let

24. Lirik Boyz N Blue – Slim Thug

lirik Boyz N Blue – Slim Thug G'yeah, Slim Thugger, Killa Kyleon, PJ Sir Daily, C-Ward, we the Boyz N Blue motherfuckersWhat the, what them boys gon' do When them blue boys come through Blue-blue toys at you Pointing them toys at

25. Lirik Gettaway – Missy Elliott

lirik Gettaway – Missy Elliott Close your eyes visualize Space and I verbalize you chastize But can't stop my enterprize Put your rhymes in a line Put your raps in a stack I'll break you and your singer like JingaI mean um I spit

26. Lirik Me And My Boo – Cam'ron

lirik Me And My Boo – Cam'ron A-yo Cam Yo Yo I know you knocked Charli off No I did not man Yo stop lying Word to my mother, I did not hit that man A-yo I'm your dog duke you can tell me Nigga I would tell you if I did her Yo I

28. Lirik None Of Y'all Betta – Jadakiss

lirik None Of Y'all Betta – Jadakiss It's sorta like the Holy Trinity So I'm saying I say it's like three different guns you fuckin' fagots Get shot three different ways Matter fact, make that six different ways Gun in each hand bitch

29. Lirik I Got This – Red Cafe

lirik I Got This – Red Cafe Verse 1 - Red Cafe Hah? I got a bad habit every night I gotta touch another bad chick but I ain't selfish i pass it I'm the top gun I'm Maverick sip champagne out the World Cup clique in front of the

30. Lirik Straight Outta Southside – G-unit

lirik Straight Outta Southside – G-unit I dont know what the fuck I been doin But this what they want Id like to give a R.I.P. in advance For all my enemies, die quick niggasStraight outta Southside Crazy muthafucka named Bank-o Crack rap

31. Lirik I Remember – D-12

lirik I Remember – D-12 Your mother, you fuckin faggotLa da da, da da da, da da (repeated)Aiyo, this next song is dedicated to the memory of Erik Shrody Rest in peace, we aint forget about you, you fuckin homo We still

34. Lirik Fuckin Wit' Face – Scarface

lirik Fuckin Wit' Face – Scarface (scarface) Fears weightless, I fear none in the physical form Let us face, nigga, you cant do me no harm Up here shakin, wishin me well, but deep in you heart You wantin me close to make sure I dont

35. Lirik Barbershop – D-12

lirik Barbershop – D-12 [Intro: Kon Artis] Haha Ai This time we're gonna do our thing (Huh) Is that aiight wit y'all? (Yeah) Its gotta be 'cause we gon do it anyway Ain't that right fellaz (Yeah) Fellaz ain't that right (

36. Lirik Banks Workout Part Ii – G-unit

lirik Banks Workout Part Ii – G-unit 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks50 Cent chorus: nobody get hurt and nobody don't move just give it up smooth G UNIT Motherfucker you move,I'll flash my 2 and blast my 2 G UNIT Nigga,you don't know me and I don't

37. Lirik Hush – Krs One

lirik Hush – Krs One Uh-huh, whatchu thought? Uh-huh, we was done? Uh-huh, whatchu thought? Yeah yeah yeah Whatchu thought? uh, uh, uh Yo, yo, back again, what's that? Back again What's that? Word come onA north face and

39. Lirik On The Southside – Trae

lirik On The Southside – Trae (*talking*) Screwzoo, what's the deal baby Lil' Trae up in here, putting it down Trying to hold it down, know I'm saying Everybody out here, still representing to the fullest You know I'ma hold it

40. Lirik You're A Customer – Epmd

lirik You're A Customer – Epmd [Erick Sermon] Knick knack patty whack give a dog a bone Yo, don't give him nothing but a microphone Don't stop, I'm not finished yet You said I'm not the E, you wanna make a bet? Remember this:

41. Lirik Back Up Off Me – Master P

lirik Back Up Off Me – Master P Are you ready for this? The Ice Cream Man Are you ready for this? It's bad like my high Are you ready for this?My No Limit Soldiers, trademark Get em' up ugh, show ya domes, TRU We TRU, ugh, ugh Time

42. Lirik 6 Reasons – D-12

lirik 6 Reasons – D-12 [Proof] You wish that you could bear me black D12 standing back No planning that Def methods, we got a hand in that Whoever run this shit You get a jammed knee cap Make the healthy get sick And your

45. Lirik This Is Family – Fabolous

lirik This Is Family – Fabolous Where the ***** all these ***** damn, Ran' isn't hot I damage the block I scramble like Randall with rocks I'm that ***** in the gambling spotCracking jokes and drinking liquor You still gotta hand
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