Kumpulan the 1975 | Lirik Lagu the 1975

2. Lirik Chocolate – The 1975

lirik Chocolate – The 1975 Hey now call it a split 'cause you know that you will Oh you bite your friends like chocolate You say, we'll go where nobody knows, with guns hidden under our petticoat No we're never gunna' quit it

3. Lirik The Go – The 1975

lirik The Go – The 1975Now if you get in a fightand someone calls the PoPo, oh ohYou gotta love it cause you got all of your friends roundGet out of george's driveCause if the jag gets scratched oh no, oh ohYou gotta love

4. Lirik 102 – The 1975

lirik 102 – The 1975Well were hereWere at the common againSmoked six of the ten fags thatI only bought an hour agoSaid well II like the look of your shoesI like the way that your face looks whenIm arguing with youAnd so

5. Lirik She Lays Down – The 1975

lirik She Lays Down – The 1975And she lays down on her bedroom floorThe chemicals that make her laughDon't seem to be working anymoreShe tries her best, but it hurts her chestAnd even though her sun is goneShe'd like to love her

6. Lirik Love Me – The 1975

lirik Love Me – The 1975I got a plane in the middle of the night, don't you mindI nearly killed somebody, don't you mind don't you mindI gave you something you can never give back, don't you mindYou see my face like a heart

7. Lirik Loving Someone – The 1975

lirik Loving Someone – The 1975Yeah, you should be loving someoneOh, oh, loving someoneYeah, you should be loving someoneOh, oh, loving someoneYeah, you should beMy heart is telling me the telly isn't telling me anythingI need but

8. Lirik Medicine – The 1975

lirik Medicine – The 1975I find it hard to say bye-byeEven in the state of you and IAnd how can I refuse?Yeah, you rid me of the bluesEver since you came into my lifeBecause you're my medicine(Yeah, you're medicine)And yeah,

9. Lirik This Must Be My Dream – The 1975

lirik This Must Be My Dream – The 1975I personify the adolescent on a phoneSpeaking like Im bigger than my bodyI personify that lack of freedom in your lifeAnd I'm sure she'll be gone in a secondLet me tell you 'bout this girlI thought

10. Lirik The Sound – The 1975

lirik The Sound – The 1975Well I know when you're around cause I know the soundI know the sound, of your heartWell I know when you're around cause I know the soundI know the sound, of your heartI can't believe I forgot your

11. Lirik Paris – The 1975

lirik Paris – The 1975She said hello, she was letting me knowWe share friends in SohoShe's a pain in the noseAnd I'm a pain in women's clothesAnd you're a walking overdose in a great coatAnd so she wrote a plan for it on

12. Lirik Nana – The 1975

lirik Nana – The 1975I wish you'd walk in againImagine if you just didI'd fill you in on the things you missedOh sleepless nights, a grown up man dressed in whiteWho I thought might just save your lifeBut he couldn't, so

13. Lirik Lost Boys – The 1975

lirik Lost Boys – The 1975Game face, getting why so serious, childYou're like a boy deliriousWhen you say is this town worth living in, living inIs this town worth living in?Cos all the girls and boys in the city, wellJust
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