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2. Lirik Castles – B.o.b.

lirik Castles – B.o.b. [Hook: Trey Songz] Everything I ever said Everything that I have done Tryna show 'em it's my time Building mansions in my mind Now that's all so yesterday I'm just lighting up my fire Tell the world

3. Lirik Rockabye – Clean Bandit

lirik Rockabye – Clean Bandit Call it love and devotion Call it the mom's adoration (foundation) A special bond of creation, hah For all the single mums out there Going through frustration Clean Bandit, Sean-Da-Paul, Anne-marie,

4. Lirik Have Fun Around – The Paps

lirik Have Fun Around – The PapsPossessung time is a life's possession It's a gift that falls like a rain to everyone I am what I call time / I am what I call life / I am what I am and I can do what I want I've forgotten how to

5. Lirik Excuse Me – The Paps

lirik Excuse Me – The PapsIn the middle of nowhere I'm so lonely as lonely as lonely can be Everything's so dark no I don't know my self anymore Blinded by the light that I didn't choose It's all just simply so bad When the

6. Lirik Keep Walking – The Paps

lirik Keep Walking – The PapsAnything could happen to us We know that and we don't care Coz we're happy to know each other well We fill our days with joy and care And this chemistry's growin' wild and crazy and crazy and crazy

7. Lirik Sementara – The Paps

lirik Sementara – The PapsTak ada yang percuma!! Bicara cinta itu bla bla bla' Di balik semua yang terjadi tak ada satupun Yang dapat membunuh jiwaku mati Kadang ku lelah Dan tak berdaya' Tak tau harus berbuat apa Tapi

8. Lirik When We Meet – The Paps

lirik When We Meet – The PapsYou come softly through my eyes Oh what a lovely time You... Let me know your name You really ease my pain And drivin' me insane You... make me feel so fine You... are my peace of mind You... make

9. Lirik Life Is A Big Joke – The Paps

lirik Life Is A Big Joke – The PapsIf you see me say....hi ! And you know coz i gotta get some damn high You can see it in my eyes... That relaxing it ain't such a crime And if you down... you better get up Coz it's all is just a

10. Lirik Perlahan Tenang – The Paps

lirik Perlahan Tenang – The PapsJauh dari nyata Padam sejenak realita Aku ingin sesuatu yang berbeda Lepas dari keseharian yang ada Bawa aku melintas cahaya Dan pecah menembus asap nirwana Rasakan seluruh semesta Berdansa menari

11. Lirik Hang Loose Baby – The Paps

lirik Hang Loose Baby – The PapsI'm gonna make it easy you're gonna do it so hang loose baby we're groovin all night I'm gonna make things easy we're gonna do that so hang loose baby we're groovin all night Gonna make this easy you
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