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2. Lirik Mau Tanya Tentang Lagu Lagu Barat ?

lirik Mau Tanya Tentang Lagu Lagu Barat ? apa aja judul lagu" barat yang bisa buat dance Dan aku jg mau tanya judul lagu di iklan.x Smartfren yg baru" ini. Yg d reffx add kalimat I wanna be.nya. ? Naell Ini lagu yg sering ku

3. Lirik Lagu Yang Mengandung Unsur ?

lirik Lagu Yang Mengandung Unsur ? Hmmm....aku ingin bertanya. Lagu apa aja ya...yang berunsur kebencian kepada seseorang? Coz...aku lagi sebel bgt nie!! aku punya temen..atau bs d bilang tmn plg deketku masalahnya....dia itu slalu

4. Lirik Let It Go – The SIGIT

lirik Let It Go – The SIGITHis mouth's whole lot of dirty words The church sings out of mighty chords Rather speak none clue Than make a world a zoo He drank whole lot of lot of booze Nerve strips on the marbles blues In a

5. Lirik Nowhere End – The SIGIT

lirik Nowhere End – The SIGITI hope we could be allright again Smoke and laugh at my cigarette brand I hope we could drive nowhere end Listen To yours and my favorite band I don't have to tell you what I'm feeling Don't need to

6. Lirik All The Time – The SIGIT

lirik All The Time – The SIGITI wanna live forever Whom you realize forever means together I hope you know When you say it wasn't over For the third times I hope you know You make me wanna give me something, more and more Aaa'

7. Lirik Alright – The SIGIT

lirik Alright – The SIGITI'm a kind of man Who'd never start a fight For those about to getting heavy I would hold 'em tight Never feel a weight In the way you complaining For you I've given the will Fate that never

8. Lirik Horse – The SIGIT

lirik Horse – The SIGITMy baby is a horse She's running out my course Papa was the first to taste Her meat was what she has Learning time and doing Now she's humming na, na, na, na, yeah, uh yeah Once i've tried to stop

9. Lirik New Generation – The SIGIT

lirik New Generation – The SIGITWe are the noodle generation Our foods are made of preservation We don't need your education Things not set in proportion Look around in our perspective Don't acting to naive You know it's all

10. Lirik No Hook – The SIGIT

lirik No Hook – The SIGITI gave evil my heart And escaped to the dark I'm weak in so many ways I've worked so hard To get the band to the chart But I'll die anyway If I could choose I'd be there drinking brews Tired of

11. Lirik Save Me – The SIGIT

lirik Save Me – The SIGITSave me save me now Come on everybody got to go Help me get me out from this Yeah my head is kinda going to blow Give me medicine or cure Or placebo going to work it all I really loved the disco

12. Lirik Bidadari – Sigit Wardana

lirik Bidadari – Sigit WardanaLihatlah aku lebih dekatAda hampa di hatikuYang hanya bisa terisiIndahnya cintamuTataplah aku lebih dalamAda bayangmu di mataSemakin jelas yakin hatikuMemilih dirimuKau bidadari yang tercipta

14. Lirik Black Amplifier – The SIGIT

lirik Black Amplifier – The SIGITThey don't give you a right They just giving you a fight As you hold on to the bright light Shall He send you the might to night Black amplifer x2 They don't give you a right They just giving you

15. Lirik Clove Doper – The SIGIT

lirik Clove Doper – The SIGITThere's a man with a friendly plea Who drinks coffee rather than tea I've been listen to his prophercy And I dont need another He smoke superfine clove cigarette! Theres a man who fight for demand

16. Lirik Damned Woman – The SIGIT

lirik Damned Woman – The SIGITI give u money everday..!!!! But now you walkin away like i never give u anything I know u see him alone everday but i dont care Best thing to do is to fuck her' Now honey show me what u got Can u

17. Lirik Live On New York – The SIGIT

lirik Live On New York – The SIGITYou got me lying On the ground But If you find me Don't mess me round Get my girls left and right And dream all night Gonna sleep all day Get my cash get my carrier You want my money don't get near

18. Lirik Satan State – The SIGIT

lirik Satan State – The SIGITYou fade in lie Can't even fix your tie Sexy machine on the glue Take a posy pose with the cruel You've got to look into my eyes i gave truth to your eyes I've got devil inside my green brown eyes

19. Lirik Soul Sister – The SIGIT

lirik Soul Sister – The SIGITSoul sister Chilling in the street Around her midnight chase With her high heel shoe And her pale bold make up face Soul sister Working late,making money,have some fun She's like a walking time bomb
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