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1. Lirik Can You Feel My Music – Tompi

lirik Can You Feel My Music – TompiDon't ever feel shy to rock your body When my music is play on Free yourself, feel the music make a sound Cause whatever the beat hit, It come out from my soul, Just take a chance to be a part of it

2. Lirik The Sound – The 1975

lirik The Sound – The 1975Well I know when you're around cause I know the soundI know the sound, of your heartWell I know when you're around cause I know the soundI know the sound, of your heartI can't believe I forgot your

4. Lirik Pop Music – Marcus

lirik Pop Music – MarcusHi, my name is Marcus and I'm a popaholic (Pop, pop, pop music) Alright (Pop, pop, pop music) Yeah (Pop, pop, pop music) C'mon (pop, pop, pop music) get on the dance floor Talk about (pop, pop

5. Lirik I Believe In Music – Gallery

lirik I Believe In Music – GalleryI BELIEVE IN MUSIC Mac Davis (1970) Gallery (1972) I could just sit around, making music all day long. As long as I'm making my music ain't gonna do nobody no harm. And who knows,

7. Lirik Stalingrad – Sabaton

lirik Stalingrad – SabatonFresh from MoscowOver Volga came to comrades aidCity in despairAlmost crushed by the fhrers armyOh it's colder than hellHitlers forces advancingThe sound of mortarsThe music of deathA grand

8. Lirik Roll The Bass – Major Lazer

lirik Roll The Bass – Major LazerNow, in comes di ting called Major LazerNumber one sound inna dancehallWe stand tall, sound boy diss and fallThat's allWe ready fi di warI see di fear in a ya eyesI can smell your desperationBut we

12. Lirik Rhythm Of Love – AB Three

lirik Rhythm Of Love – AB Threelet the sound flow through you just feel the movement inside and let the music take you over We have the whole night together don`t throw it all away heaven is where I am now and that`s the way I

13. Lirik Unapologetic Bitch – Madonna

lirik Unapologetic Bitch – MadonnaWoke up this morning feeling that you were goneHurt for a while, but I'm finally moving onSaid it, Did it, Hit it, Quit itThen you let it goSee you tried to call me, but I blocked you on the phoneIt

14. Lirik Own Me – Agnes Monica

lirik Own Me – Agnes MonicaAnd then I feel you Six string vibrations Filling up my vision with distortion I am big enough for the deepen I am let it seepin’ Make it low, do the sound We can bring u down to the low phi U turn

15. Lirik N 2 Da Music – Timbaland

lirik N 2 Da Music – Timbaland [Intro - Timbaland - talking (echo)] Uh, ah, haha uh, ah C'mon, [harmonizing] What we got right here Is that feel good music y'all Uh, [harmonizing], c'mon[Break - Brandy - w/ ad libs] When I'm

20. Lirik Dont Stop The Music – Play

lirik Dont Stop The Music – PlayThis little girl didn't care what anybody said She got the whole world dancing to the music in her head They loved to trash her bad, laugh at her and call her names And now they all try to copy her,

23. Lirik Married To The Music – SHINee

lirik Married To The Music – SHINeeYeah Oh Wait up girl Hold onSo listen baby hayan haihilsaljjak garin reiseu seukeoteuBeautiful lady ne eokkae wiaseuraseul siseurune simjang biteu soriegeoreumi matchwojyeo Oh babynado moreuge

25. Lirik In The Club – Dewi Sandra

lirik In The Club – Dewi SandraHey ! can you hear the sound There's a party going down Stay and live I've got you by my side and feel so right you! Gotta do what tou gotta do go a head and make your move And make me fall for you,

27. Lirik Boom Clap – Charli XCX

lirik Boom Clap – Charli XCXBoom Boom Boom ClapYou're picture perfect blueSunbathing on the moonStars shining as your bones illuminateFirst kiss just like a drugUnder your influenceYou take me over you're the magic in my

29. Lirik Music – Kotak

lirik Music – KotakMalam ini sepantas kita bersenang senang aku ada karna kamu dan kamu pun ada untuk ku mengalirlah bersama dengan ku menikmati sebuah keindahan ini music menyatukan kita, siapa pun kita disini

31. Lirik 808 – Timbaland

lirik 808 – Timbaland I can't believe you be coming around the clock with that same old ... I got plans to drive past you, to make you regret, yeah And why the hell you be parked with your volume, turned up all the way I'

33. Lirik Sunshine – Patrice

lirik Sunshine – PatriceAnd when I feel life's heavy labours calling. I make my self light aslight I think of things as they come to me without warning A train of thoughts passing through on the tracks

39. Lirik Teardrops – Sugababes

lirik Teardrops – SugababesWhenever I hear good-byesRemind me baby of youI break down and cryNext time Ia€™ll be true yeahFever for lost romanceRemind me baby of youI took a crazy chanceNext time Ia€™ll be trueIa€™ll be

40. Lirik She’s Back – Westlife

lirik She’s Back – WestlifeTook some time to healTo get my heartbeat backJust when I'm aheadReturning from the deadShe's back again...She knows just what to sayShe always gets her wayJust when I was freeShe's back inside of

41. Lirik Jealous – Ne-Yo

lirik Jealous – Ne-YoOooh...Jealous of the way that dress is huggin' youHow it caresses your body as you moveSo upset 'cause I wish I could touch you tooThe things you make me wanna doOooh, babyWhat I wouldn't give to be

43. Lirik The Night Time – Dash Berlin

lirik The Night Time – Dash BerlinTime to goIts time to goWhatever this meansHes happy it seemsThe gentle accent moves me forwardWith secrets that I know were trueSo Ill be a fleeting soundA light-ray out on the waterAnd Ill know his

47. Lirik Dance with Me – Tompi

lirik Dance with Me – TompiThere are lots of bands playing tonight A funk, soul, hip hop and swing A big band concert under the stars So what are u waiting for lets have fun tonite For some gals and gents. All of those events

48. Lirik War – Kodaline

lirik War – KodalineThere's a war between my head and my heartAnd I don't know which side to takeYou made your home inside the dowry on my headYou know my heart was yours to breakAnd people try and calm me downBut I can

50. Lirik We Got Us – Canaan Smith

lirik We Got Us – Canaan SmithHere we are making all our big plansJumping, way into the deep endHey girl why we don’t just leave tonightPack it up drive until the road endsFeels like this can be the momentWe’ve been
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