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1. Lirik Trap House – Gucci Mane

lirik Trap House – Gucci ManeIn the trap house, in the trap house, in the trap houseGucci mane check itChoppa on the floor pistol on the coachHood rich so I never had a bank accountJunkies going in junkies going outMade a hundred

2. Lirik Bruh Bruh – Plies

lirik Bruh Bruh – Plies Hey, bruh Everybody wanna know 'bout that Bruh bruh, bruh bruh What that mean, bruh? Is that when you coolin', bruh? And you know you da shit You holler, bruh bruhBitch, I'm loaded, I got stacks,

3. Lirik J.e.e.z.y – Young Jeezy

lirik J.e.e.z.y – Young Jeezy It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood All's well that ends well Outside watering their lawn and you know Birds are chirping, dogs are barking, it's beautiful That may be your hood but this is my

4. Lirik Rats Rule – Die Antwoord

lirik Rats Rule – Die AntwoordRats, rats, everywhere you lookEverywhere you turn there's ratsRats, rats, eating all your books, looking at your photographsRats, rats, nesting in your closets, hiding underneath your socksLiving in

6. Lirik Keep It 100 – Rich The Kid

lirik Keep It 100 – Rich The Kid (Hook) I gotta keep it 100 Bitches got fucking for nothing Pull up in my truck and I'm fronting Rich, but I started with nothing I'm in the trap with a bad bitch Hottie go feel on the whole wrist Too

10. Lirik Gotham City – Asap Mob

lirik Gotham City – Asap Mob [ASAP Ferg]Point em out where he at Chrome .9 point the mac Sit him down, in the trap Four pound for the strap Big guns go BRAP! ASAP where it's at Real niggas all black Sip lean so relax Point em

13. Lirik Bad Boy – Sandy

lirik Bad Boy – SandyI want a bad boy I want a bad boy I want a bad boy I want a bad boy Papa going fe lick me if me not leave the bad man My mum she's crying "lord have mercy, you better run come" She asks "but wait, i

14. Lirik Lose It – French Montana

lirik Lose It – French Montana What's Gucci my nigga? What's Louis my killa?I feel like I can't follow in nobody footstep You know I pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop, at your head my nigga Young nigga, young nigga, pop pills, make mills

15. Lirik Trap Queen – Fetty Wap

lirik Trap Queen – Fetty WapRGF productionRemy Boyz, yeah1738I'm like, "Hey, what's up? Hello."Seen your pretty ass soon as you came in the doorI just wanna chill, got a sack for us to rollMarried to the money, introduced her to

16. Lirik Bricks – Gucci Mane

lirik Bricks – Gucci Mane It's ya boy yo Gotti Chea, Gucci Mane the flare My nigga Ralph in here Zaytoven on the beat nigga And its' a street nigga holiday My Nigga DJ Holiday CheaBricks, all white bricks Off white bricks,

17. Lirik Make Love In This Club – Usher

lirik Make Love In This Club – Usher "Make Love In This Club" was written by Jenkins, Jay / Raymond, Usher / Lovett, Ryon / Jones, Jamal / Taylor, Lamar / Dalton, Darnell / Thomas, Keith /.(No other information is available

18. Lirik Wdyw – Carnage

lirik Wdyw – Carnage I turn five to a ten I turn twenty to a fifty Forty forty hit your woadie shorty Balmain, Saint Laurent with the Fendi I turn five to a ten I turn twenty to a fifty Fourty fourty hit your woadie

19. Lirik Everyday – Ace Hood

lirik Everyday – Ace Hood [Intro] Everyday, Everyday, Everyday[Hook] Everyday I gotta hustle, everyday I gotta shine I wake up every morning with money on my mind I gotta push my verte, I gotta drop my top (Everyday) I gotta

20. Lirik Too Late – Metallica

lirik Too Late – MetallicaOriginally performed by MotorheadI see that nothin's changedInsist on playing gamesSome waste of time you areAnd you're so popularWell this is it you bitchI got to make a switchYou find some other

21. Lirik Iridescent – Linkin Park

lirik Iridescent – Linkin Park When you were standing in the wake of devastation When you were waiting on the edge of the unknown And with the cataclysm raining down, insides crying save me now You were there impossibly alone.Do

22. Lirik Loyalty – Wale

lirik Loyalty – Wale I know where the fuckin' loyalty at Where the fuckin' loyalty at? Where the loyalty at? All these diamonds boy, I know you see it I'm like where the fuck the loyalty at? All these diamonds boy, I

26. Lirik Coattails – Broods

lirik Coattails – BroodsI can't remember and I can't concentrateBut I can take a note to burn the inkA hit between the eyesAnd if souls are meant to be soldAnd if hands are only to holdThen I can't do what I'm toldSo we'll

30. Lirik Do For Love – 2pac

lirik Do For Love – 2pac I shoulda seen you was trouble right from the start Taught me so many lessons How not to mess with broken hearts, so many questions When this began we was the perfect match, perhaps We had some

31. Lirik Crazy World – Young Jeezy

lirik Crazy World – Young Jeezy "Crazy World" is track #6 on the album The Recession. It was written by Jenkins, Jay / Sewell, Tracey.(No other information is available for this lyric - would you like to add something

33. Lirik Who Dat – Young Jeezy

lirik Who Dat – Young Jeezy Dat's why dey keep saying yeah, I don't even know I got court tomorrow, I won't even go I don't even show, I got shit to do Only God can judge me, who the fuck is you?Dey say who dat? Nigga we dat 2

34. Lirik Waterbed – Kevin Mccall

lirik Waterbed – Kevin Mccall [Kevin McCall: ] I believe in love right now, and I can't hold back, gotta let it out Got a song stuck in my head, I wanna make love on this waterbed You give me every reason to To think about

35. Lirik Trapt Door – Onerepublic

lirik Trapt Door – Onerepublic You say you're a minute from the deep end They cut cold the courtesy, it's sink or swim now Your body's aching for a breath, I'll give it to you With a trap door to take care of all of themCome away

36. Lirik 3 Gold Chains – Waka Flocka

lirik 3 Gold Chains – Waka Flocka All these presidents my pocket like the white house I'm the type of nigga niggas read about I get cake, cake, cake like Rihanna nigga Getting to this cash what my life about 3 gold chains like I'm

37. Lirik Bankrolls On Deck – T.i.

lirik Bankrolls On Deck – T.i. Man we got big bankrolls on deck We the bankroll mob Bankroll, no check, bankrolls on God Got big bankrolls on deck We the bankroll mob Bankrolls on deck, bankrolls on deck We the bankroll mob

38. Lirik The Transporter – Rick Ross

lirik The Transporter – Rick RossOne time for the niggas that's huggin' the blockTwo times for the boys that's bubblin' rockThree times for the G's including myselfFour times for the brothers that's reachin' the wealthFive times for

39. Lirik Preach – Young Dolph

lirik Preach – Young Dolph Zaytoven Aye You know what up It's Dolph Zay what's poppin'don't trust a bitch, don't trust trust a nigga Fuck bitches fuck bitches get yo girl don't trust these motherfuckin' niggas yo Don't trust a

40. Lirik Lord Of Evil – Athena

lirik Lord Of Evil – AthenaRun and fight to kill the enemy Up your blades and trust your king! Rage and anger, war and hate, victims of evil. Hidden there is lying our destiny so Show no mercy and taste their blood!

41. Lirik Chrysalis – Anggun

lirik Chrysalis – AnggunLike a tiger Know how to lure you with my feline's touch A trouble spider Can make a trap to catch the one I want But fine as a white dove I'd do anything for the one I love To get that one kiss I'll

42. Lirik Keep It Moving – Young Buck

lirik Keep It Moving – Young Buck broken promises let me acknowledge this trap stories bout some niggas who used to move the packs for me street dreams tryna get that porsche carrera i bought birds through that whole bling bling era

45. Lirik Role Model – Free Sol

lirik Role Model – Free Sol Come here baby, tell me what you doing with him? I bet you'll want me once you catch up to my rythym You gotta pay attention to me like a symptom This shit got me amped up, ritalin Now don't be

46. Lirik My Chick Bad Remix – Ludacris

lirik My Chick Bad Remix – Ludacris My chick bad My chick hood My chick do stuff that ya chick wish she could My chick bad (the pussy rules the World version) My chick hood My chick do stuff that ya chick wish she couldMy chick bad,

47. Lirik Love Is War – Bon Jovi

lirik Love Is War – Bon JoviLoad your guns, take sides Raise your flag, 'cause baby, love is war Hey baby, what ever happened to the girl next door If I remember, she looked a lot like you Whatever happened to the boy who said
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