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2. Lirik Run – Union J

lirik Run – Union JI'll sing it one last time for youDo we really have to go?It's been the only thing that's right in all I've done, ohhLight up, light upas if you have a choice even if you cannot hear my voiceI'll be

3. Lirik The Void – Andy Black

lirik The Void – Andy BlackThis ship has crashedWe burn down the pastLike ghost-drifted ashYour photographIs all that will lastThere's no turning backNow I'm all aloneThe future unknownGot nowhere to goBut I'll survive, the

6. Lirik Pick Up The Phone – Tyrese

lirik Pick Up The Phone – Tyrese Man we talking race cars nigga, this ain't no joke (Hello, hello) Uh, yea (Hello, hello) Fresh out the kitchen (Hello, hello) So don't touch it yet, (ha ha) its hot (Hello, hello)? Uh, we bout to

7. Lirik Bird Set Free – Sia

lirik Bird Set Free – SiaClipped wings, I was a broken thingHad a voice, had a voice but I could not singYou would wind me downI struggled on the groundSo lost, the line had been crossedHad a voice, had a voice but I could

10. Lirik Yes I Am – Radiohead

lirik Yes I Am – RadioheadI resent you callingI resent your voiceI resent that I don't have a choiceAnywhere I goYou are always thereOutside the carOr in my hairI think I've been here beforeYes I've been here beforeThe last

11. Lirik I Song – Kevin Rudolf

lirik I Song – Kevin Rudolf She walks in the room In her mind she's far away I could see her emptiness But I just don't feel her painThe love is gone The only thing that she was living for Mister, I'll never leave you Walked

12. Lirik We Got It Going On – Bon Jovi

lirik We Got It Going On – Bon Jovi(feat. Big & Rich)Is there anybody out there looking for a party? Yeah!!Shake your money maker, baby smoke it if you got it.We just wanna have some fun if you don't wanna kiss thisEverybody raise your

14. Lirik I Will Reach You – Westlife

lirik I Will Reach You – WestlifeMark: Everybody's got an answer to a question they need to know"Still broken on the one thing didn't ask you do you have to go?"Now I'm looking for a reason, it isn't easy but I gotta have

15. Lirik Stupid Boy – The Voice

lirik Stupid Boy – The Voice Well, she was precious like a flower She grew wild, wild but innocent A perfect prayer in a desperate hour She was everything beautiful and differentStupid boy, you can't fence that in Stupid boy, it

16. Lirik In My Dreams – Kid Cudi

lirik In My Dreams – Kid Cudi Yeah, yeahWuddup, wuddup, you're in my dreams I can have anything and everything I ever wanted, yeah I can think of anything and everything I ever needed Right here in my dreamsEverything is a-okay I

20. Lirik Do What You Want – Lady Gaga

lirik Do What You Want – Lady Gaga Huh oh Yeah yeah Huh oh Whoa woa OhI I feel good I walk alone But then I trip over myself and I fall, I I stand up And then I'm OK But then you print some shit that makes me want to screamSo do what

21. Lirik Noise – Kenny Chesney

lirik Noise – Kenny ChesneyWrecking balls, downtown constructionBottles breaking, jukebox buzzingCardboard sign says The Lord is ComingTick, tick, tockRumors turn the mills back homeParking lot kids with the speakers blownWe

24. Lirik Hey Angel – One Direction

lirik Hey Angel – One DirectionHey angelDo you know the reasons whyWe look up to the sky?Hey angelDo you look at us and laughWhen we hold on to the past?Hey angelOh I wish I could be more like youDo you wish you could be more like

26. Lirik Sing Your Mind – Sherina

lirik Sing Your Mind – SherinaMany times you don’t realize the spirit within youCan spread like fire to everyone around youDon’t you wait for a second chance you gotta use the timeTo see countless faces that can use a

27. Lirik Hitchhiker – OMI

lirik Hitchhiker – OMIAll my life I spent chasing the pretty lightsAnd how they shine, but they never kept me warmHow many times did I once let love come and go?Was it my pride that made me run so far?Was it your voice

29. Lirik Walk In Silence – Homogenic

lirik Walk In Silence – HomogenicIn the silences I found you Beneath the highlight Come to see you just to know you Day by day It`s me on your side But you can`t see me And my voice is around you But you can`t hear me I`m walk in

31. Lirik You Are – Colton Dixon

lirik You Are – Colton DixonWhen I can’t find the wordsTo say how much it hurtsYou are the healing in my heartWhen all that I can seeAre broken memoriesYou are the light that’s in the darkYou are the songYou are the

34. Lirik Little Talks – The Voice

lirik Little Talks – The Voice Hey ! Hey! Hey! I don't like walking around in this old and empty house (manly voice)So hold my hand, I'll walk with you my dear The stairs creakas I sleep, its keeping me awake Its the house telling

38. Lirik Love Love Love – Bibus

lirik Love Love Love – BibusHey baby, whatcha doin'I wanna know everything that you doCoz baby I'm here thinkin' of youWherever I go, it seems so lonelyI think about you the whole day thruCoz baby I'm in love with youEvery time

40. Lirik Twisted Feel – Athena

lirik Twisted Feel – AthenaI can't sleep and I can't stand and I feel so cold forget me don't tell me there's more time for me. Don't look back leave my way and I can reach my way I don't care about

42. Lirik Dolores – Frank Sinatra

lirik Dolores – Frank Sinatra How I love the kisses of Dolores Aye aye aye Dolores Not Marie or Emily or Doris Only my DoloresFrom a balcony above me She whispers love me and throws a rose Ah but she is twice as lovely As the

46. Lirik Don’t Let Me Go – Westlife

lirik Don’t Let Me Go – WestlifeSongwriters: Byrne, Nicky; Howes, Ash; Murphy, Sharon; Stannard, Richard; Egan, Kian; Harrington, Martin; Gallagher, Julian; Morgan, David;So much to say, but where do I startWould you listen if I

48. Lirik Daddy’s Good Girl – Monica

lirik Daddy’s Good Girl – MonicaSometimes just won’t do it,Shopping sprees might make me smile for now butWhat about later?And I don’t mean to put you through itI just wanna know I’m caring forI wanna know you
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