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1. Lirik Oh Timbaland – Timbaland

lirik Oh Timbaland – Timbaland Bounce Bounce BounceI ain't got no feeling, I'ma let these niggas know I've been killin' 'em with these beats, now I'm spittin' them killer flow What you know about me dog? Not a damn thing Gotta

2. Lirik N 2 Da Music – Timbaland

lirik N 2 Da Music – Timbaland [Intro - Timbaland - talking (echo)] Uh, ah, haha uh, ah C'mon, [harmonizing] What we got right here Is that feel good music y'all Uh, [harmonizing], c'mon[Break - Brandy - w/ ad libs] When I'm

4. Lirik Can We Do It Again – Timbaland

lirik Can We Do It Again – Timbaland [Intro - Timbaland - talking] This goes outFor all the people That think I couldn't make it again See what I'm sayin We're back at y'allThird time, (heh heh)[Verse 1 - Timbaland]I'm killin 'em with

6. Lirik Back Together – Timbaland

lirik Back Together – Timbaland Timbaland verse 1:Girl, Let me bring your body back up to date.. I like what you got, but not in '08.. See something's wrong with your love machine.. So let me tighten up your fluids - fluids..I know

7. Lirik Beep Beep – Timbaland

lirik Beep Beep – Timbaland Uh, say what? Uh, say what? Uh, say what? Uh, say what?1, 2, 1, 2 I be that man they call Timbaland On these funky beats right here you hear him? Uh huh, uh huh, now, how many people want to, huh

8. Lirik Let It Bump – Missy Elliott

lirik Let It Bump – Missy Elliott Gotta cut the music up, man Gotta cut the music up, manI'm-I'm-I'm Mi-Mi-Missy, radio play me all the time Write my own rhymes and I swear I'm fly This flow here form eighty-three From A to Z ,you

9. Lirik Drop – Timbaland

lirik Drop – Timbaland Fat Man Scoop, Crooklyn Clan Timbaland, Timbaland Fat Man Scoop, Crooklyn Clan Timbaland, TimbalandWhatever I say, y'all gotta do Whatever I say, y'all gotta do Whatever I say, y'all gotta do Y'all

12. Lirik Get Involved – Ginuwine

lirik Get Involved – Ginuwine Get involved Ginuwine Get involved Timbaland Get involved Misdemeanor Get involvedGinuwine get involved Blow your mind, I does it all Misdemeanor, that freaky talk That fready-deaky-dick, lick-licky

14. Lirik People Like Myself – Timbaland

lirik People Like Myself – Timbaland People like myself, only hang with self 'cause that's the way to go I can't go outside without finding some new kinfolks People on my left, people on my right, all in my ear hole Make be like whoa

15. Lirik Talk That Shit – Timbaland

lirik Talk That Shit – Timbaland [Intro] They can talk that shit, they can talk that shit They can talk that shit, they can talk that shit They can talk that shit, they can talk that shit They can talk that shit, they can talk that

17. Lirik I'm Talkin – Missy Elliott

lirik I'm Talkin – Missy Elliott Nigga, waz up? You think you tough, I'm fly shit Has a bitch, dope as fuck Sho nuff I'm guaranteed, no diggities Fight you like the fucking enemies You would think there's fucking ten of me When I'm

19. Lirik Stick Up Girl – Ms. Jade

lirik Stick Up Girl – Ms. Jade [Verse 1] I come crazy widdit the beats sinkin in it, These niggaz shook and timid bang just to bin it living probably zero and rats runnin deniro I'm sick makin em settle like cheap tricks I've the

24. Lirik All Y'all – Timbaland

lirik All Y'all – Timbaland Uh, feel me, to all the women across the world, we can't diss y'all We gotta love ya, that's real, uhTo all my ladies in lingerie, never under age Who stay gettin' paid, who like to take trips where

25. Lirik Anticipation – Kevin Mccall

lirik Anticipation – Kevin Mccall Girl when we freakin My heart is beating bout 100 miles a hour Your body drippin, I got her leakin like you hopped out the shower, yeah You have that bomb, I got your panties falling like the twin

26. Lirik Headsprung – Ll Cool J

lirik Headsprung – Ll Cool J They call me Big L'y, Big Silly Big money, Big Billy When I'm sliding in them all can ya hear me? I be sexing with these bars so ya feel me Let me grip it up for 'cause in the back Let me grip it get

27. Lirik Y.n.r.e – Asap Mob

lirik Y.n.r.e – Asap Mob In a feeling right, rich with the duffle Bricks on the shelf, games like 12 You better stay out of trouble Cool in state of fold, no snitch in the huddle A$AP mob, money mix with the muscles Dollars

28. Lirik Lil' Apartment – Timbaland

lirik Lil' Apartment – Timbaland Let's go.We hustle in a lil old apartment, with all the windows blacked out I'd put it on the 'hood if you cost me I'm a have to pull the straps out You don't know nothin about me You just been

29. Lirik Lagu Apa Saja Yang Kalian Suka ?

lirik Lagu Apa Saja Yang Kalian Suka ? Tolong berikan judul lagu baratnya dan judul lagu indonesianya sekalian link downloadnya... ? Andika Sunanda Klo lgu barat Lady Gaga - Poker Face, Paparazzi Black Eyed Peas - Let's

31. Lirik Minta Rekomendasi Lagu Barat Donk ?

lirik Minta Rekomendasi Lagu Barat Donk ? alirannya pop r&b atau hip hop, yang melow2 juga boleh deh yang enak didengar buat lagu tidur... ? Fitri the script - the man who can't be moved lifehouse - you and me bruno mars -

34. Lirik Big Pimpin' – Jay-z

lirik Big Pimpin' – Jay-z Uh, uh uh uh It's big pimpin baby It's big pimpin, spendin G's Feel me uh-huh uhh, uh-huh Ge-ge-geyeah, geyeah Ge-ge-geyeah, geyeahYou know I thug em, fuck em, love em, leave em Cause I don't fuckin

36. Lirik Malcom X – Royce Da 5'9

lirik Malcom X – Royce Da 5'9 [Royce talking] yo, yo, this is a J-dogg exclusiveD-12, worst fucking rap group ever (You ready?)Royce Da 5'9" would like to apologize to the family of my homeboy Bugz for lettin' that line leak out

37. Lirik The Way I Are – Timbaland

lirik The Way I Are – Timbaland Yeah! Yeah! Remember the time, baby, yeah!I ain't got no money I ain't got no car to take you on a date I can't even buy you flowers But together we be the perfect soul mates Talk to me, girl(Oh)

38. Lirik Say Something – Timbaland

lirik Say Something – Timbaland This shit was all I knew You and me, only I did it all for you Still, you were lonely We can work it out Uhh, But I guess things change It's funny how someone else's success brings pain When you're

39. Lirik 808 – Timbaland

lirik 808 – Timbaland I can't believe you be coming around the clock with that same old ... I got plans to drive past you, to make you regret, yeah And why the hell you be parked with your volume, turned up all the way I'

40. Lirik Come And Get Me – Timbaland

lirik Come And Get Me – Timbaland Yeah, yeah It's Tim-Unit ****, yeah You know I like how I sound on that ********, your time is up, I ain't come to catch you I knew you **** was dumb but how dumb is you Thinkin' you could see the

41. Lirik Bombay – Timbaland

lirik Bombay – Timbaland Pum, pum, pum, pum, pum, pum, pum, pumOowhoa, ahh YeahMere zindagi tere ho gaye Mere jaan Mere jaan, come onOoo Yeh deewanegee Huh?Na roke kabhi Mere jaan, mere jaan YeahMere zindagi teri ho gaye

42. Lirik Time – Timbaland

lirik Time – Timbaland I got a feelin' she keeps me in the dark I gotta keep my eye on her, she ain't no walk in the park I bought her this but she want that she she, she want it all You see she wanted to paint the picture

43. Lirik Love Me – Timbaland

lirik Love Me – Timbaland And we're back, playing the hottest music on your radio Coast to coast, worldwide shore to shore, sea to sea I am your host, DeBruca And you're listening to the hottest radio station in all the land

44. Lirik Two Man Show – Timbaland

lirik Two Man Show – Timbaland Hold up El, hold up Not yet El, hold up Let it be right over for a second, now Go 'head y'all, go 'head y'allI like that, yeah Let's move it out, let's move it out Bring it down like this Yeah yeah

45. Lirik I'm A Believer – Timbaland

lirik I'm A Believer – Timbaland [Intro] Put your hands up Everybody put your hands up Put your hands up[1st Verse] The worlds so cold and my own damn hart is making fun of me Dont need a miracle to see tomorrows right in front of

46. Lirik Know Bout Me – Timbaland

lirik Know Bout Me – Timbaland We gotta sell these bitches the dream, my nigga Niggas like Walt Disney around this bitchYou're in the presence of the real Can't fathom where I'm at, baby, pop another pill In a whole another relm

47. Lirik Release – Timbaland

lirik Release – Timbaland Alright Hey! Clap!Oh, I need you girl Hey, I really need you I need you girl (Let me tell you something)I think Im getting a charge So here the party goes With all my Gs in the back Who needs a

49. Lirik Undertow – Timbaland

lirik Undertow – Timbaland I don,t wanna talk now I don,t wanna hear you scream no more Want somebody to save me Everything I do feels like its wrong All we do is fall down even though we try to stay afloat I swear its gonna

50. Lirik Apologize – Timbaland

lirik Apologize – Timbaland I'm holding on your rope Got me ten feet off the ground And I'm hearing what you say, but I just can't make a sound You tell me that you need me Then you go and cut me down, but wait You tell me that
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