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2. Lirik Castles – B.o.b.

lirik Castles – B.o.b. [Hook: Trey Songz] Everything I ever said Everything that I have done Tryna show 'em it's my time Building mansions in my mind Now that's all so yesterday I'm just lighting up my fire Tell the world

3. Lirik Need Your Love – Ace Hood

lirik Need Your Love – Ace Hood [Intro] Ace, we killin em baby [Trey Songz] I need your love, need your love [Ace hood] See me at the mall chilling with a lady So fine, she mine hey baby [Trey Songz] Oh I need your love, need your

4. Lirik Wonder Woman – Trey Songz

lirik Wonder Woman – Trey Songz I gave you prophesy on my first joint But you all lamed out It ain't really appreciated The second one's out, danger, SongzYour face is amazing, blazing hot like Cajun And all I need is a minute,

5. Lirik If It Ain't About Money – Fat Joe

lirik If It Ain't About Money – Fat Joe [Fat Joe - Verse 1] Wrist on froze, thanks to the stove; Mattress financial, bank's never closed; Monday to Sunday, serve all addicts; Joey Van Gundy, watch me work the Magic; Aah, and I ain't talkin

6. Lirik Ride Remix – Ace Hood

lirik Ride Remix – Ace Hood [Intro - Trey Songz] Even though I'm in the streets, you know exactly what I do And when I, chase this paper You ain't got to wait for me to bring it back home to you Because I ride, or die, girl we

7. Lirik I Got This – Red Cafe

lirik I Got This – Red Cafe Verse 1 - Red Cafe Hah? I got a bad habit every night I gotta touch another bad chick but I ain't selfish i pass it I'm the top gun I'm Maverick sip champagne out the World Cup clique in front of the

8. Lirik Touchin', Lovin' – Trey Songz

lirik Touchin', Lovin' – Trey Songz Woo Yeah, Young Money Trigga Trey Let's get it BurrrNo I ain't tryna flex, no ceilings you can see who's in it If we're talking about sex, girl you know that I invented that And I'm on to the next

9. Lirik The Way You Move – Ne-yo

lirik The Way You Move – Ne-yo Baby don't go Baby don't go Baby don't go (Neyo) She work at Onyx but she say it's only temporary It's been 3 years and she's still here and I was gettin' scary Say she don't wanna dance forever, i

10. Lirik E.m.s. – G-unit

lirik E.m.s. – G-unit [50 Cent] Ga ga G-Unit! (body) haha, yo, yoI need no introduction, everybody (body) Heard of 50 Cent, and heard of G-Unit I'm not Hi-Tek and I'm not Kweli (Kweli) - you see me in the club You better

11. Lirik Lemme See – Usher

lirik Lemme See – Usher Usher, baby I hear you, yeah Rock with meHey girl, I'm debating if I should take you home Should I take you home? I don't mean to keep you waiting But I just gotta know If you're readyShe say she

12. Lirik Who Dat – Young Jeezy

lirik Who Dat – Young Jeezy Dat's why dey keep saying yeah, I don't even know I got court tomorrow, I won't even go I don't even show, I got shit to do Only God can judge me, who the fuck is you?Dey say who dat? Nigga we dat 2

13. Lirik Nobody's Smiling – Common

lirik Nobody's Smiling – Common Don't stop Getting their trap Hand in the pot Baby that'll do itI'm from Chicago, nobody's smiling Niggas wyling on Stoney Island Where the chief and the president come from Pop out, pop pills, pop

14. Lirik Crack A Bottle – Eminem

lirik Crack A Bottle – Eminem Oooh! Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for In this corner, weighing 175 pounds, with a record of 17 rapes 400 assaults, and 4 murders, the undisputed, most diabolical Villain

15. Lirik Mafia Music – Rick Ross

lirik Mafia Music – Rick Ross I got a feeling nigga really that my money be the root Look up at the stars she like honey where the roof? Pull up hear the dogs canaries they goin roof Even once had a job pouring tar up on a roof

16. Lirik Deeper Than Rap – Rick Ross

lirik Deeper Than Rap – Rick Ross I got a feelin nigga wit it ? and my money be da root. Look up at da stars, she like "Honey where da roof?" Pull up in a Dawes ?, canaries ? dey go on roof, Even once had a job pourin tar up on da

18. Lirik Eat It Up – Trey Songz

lirik Eat It Up – Trey Songz I eat the pussy up Show a real nigga how it taste Leave the pussy with a little face Tongue doin tricks on er Way before I put the dick on er Give it face on the jetway Now a nigga need a neck brace

19. Lirik Say Aah – Trey Songz

lirik Say Aah – Trey Songz Aye, when I give you these keys homeboy don't move my car man I ride in the front ya dig Don't move my shit man Oh! oh baby what's your nameGo girl, Its your birthday Open wide I know you thirsty Say

22. Lirik Serve It Up – Trey Songz

lirik Serve It Up – Trey Songz [Chorus] Serve it up, serve it up, girl your lovin' is the bestest Workin' up an appetite and baby you're my breakfast Ooh you're so delicious I'll do your dirty dishes Serve it up, serve it up, I'm

23. Lirik Last Time – Trey Songz

lirik Last Time – Trey Songz Songbook baby, I like to thank Mr. Bryan Micheal Cox For helpin' me illustrate my feelin' It's just gettin' too hot, baby, it's gettin' too hot This the last time and the last chapter, ah me for you

25. Lirik Don't Be Scared – Trey Songz

lirik Don't Be Scared – Trey Songz Don't you be scared (Boss) Don't you be scared Don't you be, don't you be Don't you be scaredBody's like she jumped up off the page Eye candy of the year Plus she got a beautiful face Let's go

26. Lirik Lol Smiley Face – Trey Songz

lirik Lol Smiley Face – Trey Songz I love Fisher Price8043350051 Lol smiley face, lol smiley face (Soulja Boy, tell 'em) 8043350051 (Gucci) Lol smiley face, lol smiley faceShorty just text me, says she want to sex me Lol smiley face,

28. Lirik Earned It (remix) – Trey Songz

lirik Earned It (remix) – Trey Songz Verse 1 You know I got just to have ya... I won't let, wont let nobody, no one between us two... I'm never confused... hey hey I can not afford to lose you...Hook I know that's your heart's protected

29. Lirik Heart Attack – Trey Songz

lirik Heart Attack – Trey Songz Turn the lights on! Oh wo-oh, oh wo-ohWe share something so common Still so rare, and I'm in awe Never been here before So high, we're still climbing Even here inside these walls Breaking each others
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