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1. Lirik YOUTH – Troye Sivan

lirik YOUTH – Troye SivanWhat ifWhat if we run awayWhat ifWhat if we left todayWhat ifWe say goodbye to safe and soundAnd what ifWhat if we're hard to findWhat ifWhat if we lost our mindsWhat ifWe left them far behind, and

2. Lirik BITE – Troye Sivan

lirik BITE – Troye SivanKiss me on the mouth and set me freeSing me like a choirI can be the subject of your dreamsYour sickening desireDon't you want to see a man up close?A phoenix in the fireSo kiss me on the mouth and

3. Lirik THE QUIET – Troye Sivan

lirik THE QUIET – Troye SivanGrowing distance free of explanationWe're getting deeper in this messTake careful contemplationI'd rather be spitting bloodThan have this silence fuck me upThis separation,time and space between usFor

4. Lirik FOOLS – Troye Sivan

lirik FOOLS – Troye SivanI am tired of this place, I hope people changeI need time to replace what I gave awayAnd my hopes, they are high, I must keep them smallThough I try to resist I still want it allI see swimming pools

7. Lirik Papercut feat. Troye Sivan – Zedd

lirik Papercut feat. Troye Sivan – ZeddI was staring at the ceilingYou're so pretty when you're madAll that I can hear is breathingAah-aah-aah-aah-aah, aah-aah-aah-aah-aahAnd we're stuck inside the silenceIn a cold cold warWe're too proud
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