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1. Lirik Its True – Side Projects

lirik Its True – Side ProjectsI saw this world that so unfairAnd its trueI saw everyday the childern is cryingAnd that’s hurtI see againIts TrueIts TrueFrom the night they wishFrom the dark they waitFor a the airThat they

3. Lirik True To Your Heart – Disney

lirik True To Your Heart – Disney Baby, I knew at once that You were meant for me Deep in my soul I know That I'm your destiny Though you're unsure Why fight the tide Don't think so much Let your heart decideBaby, I see your future

4. Lirik Dreams Come True – Westlife

lirik Dreams Come True – WestlifeDreams are there to show you the way(Better take a look inside)Close your eyes find out what they're trying to say(You gotta take a look inside)Only for a minuteJust to make a startImagine what you

5. Lirik Sad But True – Metallica

lirik Sad But True – MetallicaSongwriters: Hetfield, James Alan; Ulrich, Lars;Hey, I'm your lifeI'm the one who takes you thereHey, I'm your lifeI'm the one who caresThey, they betrayI'm your only true friend nowThey, they'll

6. Lirik Love Love Love – Bibus

lirik Love Love Love – BibusHey baby, whatcha doin'I wanna know everything that you doCoz baby I'm here thinkin' of youWherever I go, it seems so lonelyI think about you the whole day thruCoz baby I'm in love with youEvery time

7. Lirik Head Over Heels – Bon Jovi

lirik Head Over Heels – Bon JoviI've been hell raised on leatherHigh heel, studded, black, cool bootsHad anything any man could have wantedAll I ever wanted was youAnd baby I've done whatever I wantedI stole the lights and I've had

8. Lirik True Love – Coldplay

lirik True Love – ColdplayFor a second, I was in controlI had it once, I lost it thoughAnd all along the fire below would riseAnd I wish you could have let me knowWhat's really going on belowI've lost you now, you let me goBut

10. Lirik I Do – Westlife

lirik I Do – WestlifeSongwriters: Hector, Wayne Anthony; Mac, Steve; Reid, John Robinson;Tell me can you feel my heart beat?Tell me as I kneel down at your feetI knew there would come a timeWhen these two hearts would

14. Lirik True Colors – Fredro Starr

lirik True Colors – Fredro Starr I see you're true colors shinning through I see your true colors and that why I love you I see your (one for the ghetto) true colors shinning through (straight up) I see your true (I am make it out)

15. Lirik Stuck On You – Lumidee

lirik Stuck On You – Lumidee Maybe I could be the one for you 'Cause, baby, I don't know what else to do, I try to play it cool I see you walking up and down the street, with her I can't compete And, no, she's not special at all

16. Lirik I Need You – Westlife

lirik I Need You – WestlifeBaby,baby,I swear to you,Baby,baby, I'm here for you,I don't know why,why i did those things to you,what went through my mind,And i don't know why,why i broke your heart in two,guess that i was blind,

18. Lirik True – Paul Wall

lirik True – Paul Wall Forget what them boys is talking bout, I'm true-I'm true You riding swangs you gripping grain, I do-I do You candy red you candy blue, you popping trunk you jamming Screw Don't know about you, but I'

24. Lirik Love – Dear Nancy

lirik Love – Dear NancySemua itu indah bila kita bisa jaga bersamaItu untuk kita juga tuk kebaikan kita semuaJangan hanya diam saja seperti halnya tak mengapaKita harus berbuat segera tuk mencapai tujuan kita semuaand let&#

26. Lirik Miracle Song – Glenn Bagus

lirik Miracle Song – Glenn BagusJika kamu sebuah laguItulah lagu merdukuKu ucapkan nadamuKan ku nyanyikan lirikmu selaluKaulah tawakuKau riang hatiku yang selama ini ku rinduGenggamlah tangankuKan ku bawa melayang jauhYou are my

27. Lirik Talk About You – MIKA

lirik Talk About You – MIKAWalk through the city like stupid people doA million faces, but all I'm seeing is youI'm stopping strangers and telling them your nameConvincing haters, one day they'll feel the sameWe're common

30. Lirik Tell Me – Case

lirik Tell Me – Case Damn, I got Honey right here I like to make her go Recipient of multiple heartbeats I'll even tell her the true dog I'll tell her the truth, yeah Damn, whatever, yo, just kick it with usTell me what

32. Lirik I Do feat Aditya – Ten 2 Five

lirik I Do feat  Aditya – Ten 2 FiveOn this right night I wanna swear I will always be there by your side This I promise you babe That I will always treat you right Cuz so many men I know You're the one that I love so true Every little

34. Lirik I'm True – Chamillionaire

lirik I'm True – Chamillionaire Here lizard-lizard-lizard, uh It's the almighty king koopa, chamillionaire The color changing lizard, the mixtape messiah Please stand for the ghetto national anthem, let's go[chorus - 2x] Forget

35. Lirik Letter To A Friend – Bon Jovi

lirik Letter To A Friend – Bon JoviI'll be there to hold you by the handWhen you need someone to walk you homeYou know that I'll be there to understandWhen you call me on the phoneI'll be there to watch you when you sleepWhen you close

36. Lirik In The Name Of Love – The Face

lirik In The Name Of Love – The FaceAku menari aku melayangDan terbang tinggi menembus awanAku temukan aku dapatkanCinta yang lama tlah bersembunyiKau begitu indah kau begitu nyataSungguh begitu sempurnaHanya kamulah satu-satunya

37. Lirik If I Was Your Mother – Bon Jovi

lirik If I Was Your Mother – Bon JoviIf I was your mother Would you let me hold your hand Would you say you were my baby Would you always be my friend If I was your mother Could I teach you what's right Could I tell you stories Maybe

40. Lirik Break My Heart – Ugly Juliet

lirik Break My Heart – Ugly Juliet[Verse] I've been told By more than one person You're loving me again But I can't have that The last time you told me You loved me It was lie To cover up your other ones Why can't I trust you? It's

41. Lirik Jadi Milikmu – Anggun

lirik Jadi Milikmu – AnggunSetiap kali bermimpiAku menunggu datangnya kamuSetiap kali ku tahuKau buat hatiku tersipuWalau cuma sekejapGelisah hilang, dan mungkin lenyapSetiap kali terjadiengkau membuatku terpana Yang aku mau

42. Lirik I Wish I Was – Maren Morris

lirik I Wish I Was – Maren MorrisOn paper we go togetherI know that we look the partBut almost never hangs on foreverI know I'm breaking your heartSo go on, say what you want toI'm not gonna stop youYou can blame it all on meI'm not

45. Lirik All About You – Hilary Duff

lirik All About You – Hilary DuffYou could be my dirty secret(I could be yours)We could only be a rumor(Never be sure)You could meet me in the backseat(Late night)A ticket up in first class(Mile high)Cuz hey baby, baby you got me

46. Lirik Believe – Shawn Mendes

lirik Believe – Shawn MendesI believe, I believe, I believe, hey I believe, I believe, I believe, heyI believe, I believe, I believe, heyI believe, I believe, I believe, heyI believe, I believe, I believe, heyI believe, I

48. Lirik If It’s True – Tompi

lirik If It’s True – TompiFor the last time let me hear it from youIf that is right you take another way to goLiving my love across of your heartEven it hurts, I will twist the truthAt this moment I feel so much painYou took
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