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1. Lirik Like OOH-AHH – Twice

lirik Like OOH-AHH – TwiceModu nareul gajigoMaeil gaman an dujyoNaega neomu yeppeujyoNa ttaemune da himdeuljyoEodil geotgo isseodoPpalgan badagingeojyoRed carpet gateun gibunModu nal chyeoda bojyo ohEotteon sarameun eomeonimi

2. Lirik

lirik Vid Fraustadt stod den svenska hren infrEn nstintill dubbelt s mnstark motstndare.Den dagen visade vi vrlden inte enbar vrverlgsenhet i strid utan venHur grym mnniskan kan vara i krig.Fruset landEn


6. Lirik Believe – Nick Jonas

lirik Believe – Nick JonasThe scene all around usIn every single colourIn every dimensionCrowns of reinventionAnd if it's black then it's whiteAnd when it is dark, then it's lightSo filling all the spacesWith imaginary

7. Lirik Cheer Up – TWICE

lirik Cheer Up – TWICEmaeil ullineun belbelbelijen nareul baeryeo haejwobaeteori nangbihagin sirheojakkuman bwa jakku jakkuman wajeonhwaga peong teojil geotman gatamolla molla sumdo mot swindaena ttaemune himdeureokung

8. Lirik Like Jesus Does – Eric Church

lirik Like Jesus Does – Eric ChurchI'm a long-gone Waylon song on vinylI'm a back row sinner at a tent revivalBut she believes in me like she believes her BibleAnd loves me like Jesus doesI'm a lead foot leaning on a souped-up ChevyI'm

10. Lirik Chiraq – Dreezy

lirik Chiraq – DreezyHit up Harolds on 87thGet a 5 piece with some mild sauceThot top while I'm hitting blocksI feel like the Rock, knocking miles offBitches sillyComing in my cityWhen they knowing reallyThey ain't

12. Lirik 7 Years – Lukas Graham

lirik 7 Years – Lukas GrahamOnce I was seven years old my mama told meGo make yourself some friends or you'll be lonelyOnce I was seven years oldIt was a big big world, but we thought we were biggerPushing each other to the

21. Lirik Sorry – Joe Jonas

lirik Sorry – Joe JonasIt can be a rushYeah, it's like a drugWhen you give up love, it's never worth itWhen you're fighting fear, it can be so clearWhat you really need is each otherBut I finally found the truthI was using

23. Lirik Daddy – Psy

lirik Daddy – Psy I got it from my DADDY DADDYI feel nice you look nice Don't think twice U be ma curry I be yo rice My name is PSY I got it from my DADDY DADDYI feel nice you look nice neol

25. Lirik Last Night – Keyshia Cole

lirik Last Night – Keyshia Cole Last night, I couldn't even get an answer I tried to call but my pride wouldn't let me dial And I'm sittin' here with this blank expression And the way I feel, I wanna curl up like a childI know you

29. Lirik Bitches & Sisters – Jay-z

lirik Bitches & Sisters – Jay-z Let's describe a certain female Let's describe a certain female Let's describe a certain female Female(Bitch) You know my name and the company I own (Bitch) You like my style and you smell my cologne

30. Lirik Good Times – Juelz Santana

lirik Good Times – Juelz Santana You know me, yeah you niggaz know me Been searchin' for good times man Can't seem to find none, must be lost We'll get 'em back thoughI look around like where the good times at? I'm just tryin' to

31. Lirik Slaughterhouse – Joe Budden

lirik Slaughterhouse – Joe Budden [Joell Ortiz] Aiyyo Joey what you said, 24 right? Aight cool, I got youUhh, I define gutter - every time I rhyme I climb up another notch, hip-hop got my spine smothered But I'll be fine brother - my

32. Lirik Karma – Lloyd Banks

lirik Karma – Lloyd Banks I am the one you denied, brushed off every time I tried But I'm alright, I'm able to swallow my pride And put all the bullshit to the side, yf you're ready to ride I'm down for a one night stand, I'

33. Lirik Holy Grail – Jay-z

lirik Holy Grail – Jay-z You'd take the clothes off my back, and I'd let you You'd steal the food right out my mouth And I'd watch you eat it, I still don't know why Why I love you so much, oh You curse my name In spite, to

36. Lirik Yours – Tinashe

lirik Yours – Tinashe I'ma lay it down so nice Tonight I wanna go round twice oh Oh oh oh oh You're about to lose some sleep Fuckin with a freak like me oh Oh oh oh oh And baby I'll be the best I can guarantee no less You

37. Lirik Fack – Eminem

lirik Fack – Eminem Ah ah ah ahhh (Oh god damn)(Ooh) I'm gonna fackin cum (Oh shit)(oh yeah) Fack fack faack, (Fuck I am) (Ooh) I am, I'm going to cum I'm cumming (oh yeah)I never seen no shit like this, This bitch can

39. Lirik Slow Your Roll – D-12

lirik Slow Your Roll – D-12 [ Intro ] [ Eminem ]Guess who, New shit! D12 World, D-Twizzy![ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]You don't got a reason to want no beef You ain't got no ends to justify the means You don't got a cause, you better

40. Lirik Take From Me – Eminem

lirik Take From Me – Eminem [Hook - Claret Jai:]Is everything not enough? What more can I give up? Is there anyone that I can trust? I give you my all and you still take from me.[Verse 1 - Royce Da 5'9":]Always been the type of

41. Lirik Wrong Ones – Big Punisher

lirik Wrong Ones – Big Punisher [sunkiss] Yeah.. no more runnin Hahah.. Yeah no more america's most and all that shit there Rockin the mic now Runnin with my nigga pun boogie baby Lot of niggaz fronted Said they gonna put me on,

42. Lirik Fiesta – N.o.r.e.

lirik Fiesta – N.o.r.e. Uh huh uh huh, TrackMastersUhh, uncontrollable hotness on this plate From state to state, it's Noreaga the great I'm the Kid Capri, y'all DJ niggaz, play this shit twice Yo Nore, tell the storyYo, yo

43. Lirik She Tried – N.o.r.e.

lirik She Tried – N.o.r.e. Fresh pack of Boga Mills Empty bottle of Azteca Empty bottles of Nuvo Only one problem isBitch tried to kiss me after head Fuck wrong with your head? She tried to kiss me after head Fuck wrong with

45. Lirik Pussy Money Weed – Asap Rocky

lirik Pussy Money Weed – Asap Rocky All I think about is life, nights, sippin' on Sprite Little codeine, nigga get throwed right Two blonde dykes wanna kiss all night I just pray to God that the shit go right Little ugness in the fist

48. Lirik Pain In My Life Remix – Saigon

lirik Pain In My Life Remix – Saigon Pain in my life, life, lifeCheck From the graffiti in the pissy project hallways To niggas hustling on the block Settin' up shop crack cocaine bottle of red tops Youngins with the boom box lettin'

49. Lirik Wanna Lick – G-unit

lirik Wanna Lick – G-unit Lil Kim Hook You know you want me, you probably want to kiss this Act like it's Christmas, and put me on your wish list When it go down, I'm help you pull your whiskers Put your lips on my lips and

50. Lirik Everybody Goes – Royce Da 5'9

lirik Everybody Goes – Royce Da 5'9 If you need me I will be nearby, mountain high, valley low If you need me I will be nearby, mountain high, valley low(Uhh, uhh, uhh) It depends on the type of men you keep in your regime And when it'
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