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3. Lirik Reminded – Tyga

lirik Reminded – Tyga She said if you love me let me know If you don’t then let me go [Tyga – verse 1] The memories soon fade, why couldn’t they be erased You hoping it’s just a phase, your heart&#

4. Lirik Dope – Tyga

lirik Dope – Tyga T-raw rock my own kick game 8 figure deal figure how I’m court side at clip game Still pop ace king shit I’m with Rozay Black Maybach leather gloves on that OJ OK the day you beating me

5. Lirik Hard For You | – Tyga

lirik Hard For You | – Tyga You know it’s only good pussy that I’m used to Now this good dick only thing you used to Anything less couldn’t hear her with a bluetooth Laced up, tongue out, stuntin’, actin

6. Lirik Riot – Tyga

lirik Riot – Tyga Fuck that fuck shit, pay me, Rumors come and go, so I stay in a room presidential lately. Top of the roof where the niggers start hating, Talk that shit, I ain’t for the bathing, but I swear

7. Lirik Heisman Part 2 – Tyga

lirik Heisman Part 2 – Tyga Bitch it’s T-Raww, blood on my paws Big booty chick back a nigga to the wall Never get involved, murder every bar Shit’s so illegal, get a green card Different cars, different from y&#
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