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1. Lirik Pick Up The Phone – Tyrese

lirik Pick Up The Phone – Tyrese Man we talking race cars nigga, this ain't no joke (Hello, hello) Uh, yea (Hello, hello) Fresh out the kitchen (Hello, hello) So don't touch it yet, (ha ha) its hot (Hello, hello)? Uh, we bout to

2. Lirik Please Don't Go (remix) – Tyrese

lirik Please Don't Go (remix) – Tyrese [Chorus:] Please don't go, Please don't go (It's the TGT remix) [Repeat][Verse 1:] [Tank:] Ty I'm tripping cuz I'm bout to lose my shawty, (Say word) Another nigga's bout to get up on my shawty, (

3. Lirik Wha'chu Like – Da Brat

lirik Wha'chu Like – Da Brat [Da Brat](Tyrese) Oh, look out Oh uh, come on What'chu like, a whole lot of, whut? (Tyrese yeah) What'chu like, me on a, whut? (What'cha like, what'cha like?) What'chu like? (Can you tell me, baby)

4. Lirik Make It Last – Tyrese

lirik Make It Last – Tyrese Jewel: Theres not a day I dont wake up Thinking about the one I love Now that youre here I dont know what Im almost afraid to even Touch you cause my heart is beating So fast I can barely breathe If

5. Lirik Nothin On You – Tyrese

lirik Nothin On You – Tyrese Tyrese Verse How Many Times Have I Called You, Checking In When I Knew I'd Be Late, And How Many Times Did Invite You Around, Knowing Lately All In My Face, So Tell Why You Trippin Girl, About All

6. Lirik Best Man I Can Be – Ginuwine

lirik Best Man I Can Be – Ginuwine Yeah this is for my brothers in the hood And the high risers On the mansions with the maids We gotta come together y'all come on Case, Ginuwine, Tyrese and me R.L. Help me sing it fellas, yeahI'm

7. Lirik Angel – Tyrese

lirik Angel – Tyrese Spoken Words: (There's no better way to describe, what you do to me, I love you )(Tyrese) The summer can in the middle of the winter And all my nightmares became a dream come true Then suddenly my

8. Lirik I'm Home – Tyrese

lirik I'm Home – Tyrese everybody's still singing my song saying that the game has been on pause since you left, you left, so let me press play imma get the beats back rocking and beds back knocking you know who i be, who i

9. Lirik Signs Of Love Makin' – Tyrese

lirik Signs Of Love Makin' – Tyrese These are the signs that are made for each other Are you the zodiac freak, ooh-ee I'm a Capricorn, I came here to get mannish Ooh, I know it's good when you start speakin' Spanish Aries, sexually,

11. Lirik One – Tyrese

lirik One – Tyrese Let me start by sayin' that your the one 'Cause this is the first time I felt like this playa's done, oh You're the only number that I dial (Fuck them other chicks) You're the only sex I'm gettin'

12. Lirik For Always – Tyrese

lirik For Always – Tyrese Something about the way Words to describe who I cannot say I'm going outta my mind, thinking of you at times 'Cause you make me feel so wonderfulMy heart is willing, won't you stay with me? Promise

13. Lirik I Like Them Girls – Tyrese

lirik I Like Them Girls – Tyrese I Like them girls, check it out! I like them girls I like them girls I like them girls I like them girlsI get a call from my crew this weekend Talkin' bout a party say it's gone be crackin' Since I'm

14. Lirik Dumb S**t – Tyrese

lirik Dumb S**t – Tyrese I really messed up Can you call me back babe? I really messed up Can you call me back babe?I don't know why I've been making her feel this way I ain't even smooth with my bullshit, I do it right in

15. Lirik Leave – Tyrese

lirik Leave – Tyrese I'm lost for words, nothing left to say I know you're hurt so I won't beg you to stay, no You know as well as I do that girl I really love youAnd I wouldn't last a day if you ever ever left me Girl

16. Lirik Gotta Get You – Tyrese

lirik Gotta Get You – Tyrese DamnI got something to tell you ListenYou know that I like it baby, I don't try to hide it baby You be tryna fight it baby, but wassup, wassup? It's so hard to take it baby, you say it's the matrix

17. Lirik Prior To You – Tyrese

lirik Prior To You – Tyrese There's a first time for everything So I knew this day would come Took me long enough to get it But I knew you were the one yeah First of all let me apologize For putting you through so much But I'll

18. Lirik Addict – Tyrese

lirik Addict – Tyrese I can't get you off my mind Thinking of you all the timeJust like but better Baby I'm stuck and that hurts Can't get enough of our magic Think I fell in love with that ounce Hopin' that you call,

20. Lirik Make Love – Tyrese

lirik Make Love – Tyrese Girl lights out candles lit tonight's gone be a night to remember And your body's gone be saying thank you like the Thursday in Nov And i promise i'm gonna work you hard Something like you've never
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