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1. Lirik A Long Walk – Jill Scott

lirik A Long Walk – Jill Scott You're here, I'm pleased I really dig your company Your style, your smile, your peace mentality Lord, have mercy on me I was blind, now I can see What a king's supposed to be Baby I feel free, come

3. Lirik Verbal Murder 2 – Pete Rock

lirik Verbal Murder 2 – Pete Rock Yo, Terror Squad, Pete Rock collabo' From git-go, yo yoAiyyo it's such a shame All these dick riders tryin' to corrupt the game But what it bring, nuttin' but pain and one in your fuckin' brainAin't

4. Lirik Tear You Apart – Lloyd Banks

lirik Tear You Apart – Lloyd Banks to the afterlife before they take your pride .. I'm just trying to get this money, get this money and get high I'm Christian movie fly while I'm cruising by Every week is no surprise, but. ..do

5. Lirik Got My Mind Made Up – 2pac

lirik Got My Mind Made Up – 2pac You find an MC like me who's strong Leaving motherfucker's aborted, with no verbal support And when I command the microphone I get deadly as Kahn though With a bear and a snake and a panda, I'm on

8. Lirik Lagu Di tokyo Drift ?

lirik Lagu Di tokyo Drift ? Selain lagu" Teriyaki Boys". Lagu apa yang ada di soundtrack Tokyo Drift? ? So Sdno *. "Six Days" Written by DJ Shadow (as Josh Paul Davis), Brian Farrell Performed by DJ

9. Lirik Pupeet Master – Dr. Dre

lirik Pupeet Master – Dr. Dre I spark like a blunt's tip, somethin cavi Makin greene like mitch, gives rap vocals dispatch With every attempt, to have this game shook up When dre cook up, every thug look up Chronic got me on tilt

10. Lirik Shit Freestyle – Lil Wayne

lirik Shit Freestyle – Lil Wayne [Hook] Sorry for the wait nigga Glock forty for them fake niggas Throw a party every day nigga That's an ordinary day nigga Bad bitch in mi casa No mi casa is su casa My choppa go doom-da-da ay-ay-

11. Lirik Don't Say A Word – Chino Xl

lirik Don't Say A Word – Chino Xl [Chrous] (Don't say a word) just let me get mines (Don't say a word) just relax and recline (Don't say a word) I'm the king of ill lines (Don't say a word) and all my groupies and dimes (Don't say a

12. Lirik Sunshine – Verbal Jint

lirik Sunshine – Verbal JintNo, not gon deny it, neowa na dul da ijenal geon da almanhan naiPlauin gamet with relationshiptYou know were past thatjinjjal arabogo nan taekhaessneeoduun naldo isseossjiman death Rowneunjinagassne

13. Lirik I feat. Verbal Jint – Taeyeon

lirik I feat. Verbal Jint – Taeyeonbicheul sodneun Sky geu arae seon ai Ikkumkkudeusi Fly My Life is a Beautyeodiseo manhi deureobon iyagimiun oriwa baekjo tto nalgi jeonui nabisaramdeureun molla neoui nalgaereul motbwanega mannan

14. Lirik Chino Xl – Chino Xl

lirik Chino Xl – Chino Xl (Chorus) you know, how I always do, Chino XL, with the skills thats tried and true, Chino XL after all that I been through, Chino XL, Violate me, I'll murder you, Chino XL(Verse 1) These rappers don'

15. Lirik I Told You So – Chino Xl

lirik I Told You So – Chino Xl [Chorus: Girl + (Chino XL)] Girl that's a fly nigga (I told you so) Daddy come up with the rhyme nigga (Yo, I told you so) Lyrically he crucifies niggaz (Yo, I told you so) Chino's here, bye bye

16. Lirik Just Rockin' – Will Smith

lirik Just Rockin' – Will Smith Each and every day when I come home from school Like clockwork I go up into my bedroom I secure the door and it's the moment of truth I flip on my sound system and let the bass loose The earthquake

17. Lirik 6 Reasons – D-12

lirik 6 Reasons – D-12 [Proof] You wish that you could bear me black D12 standing back No planning that Def methods, we got a hand in that Whoever run this shit You get a jammed knee cap Make the healthy get sick And your

18. Lirik Fast Lane – Eminem

lirik Fast Lane – Eminem First verse, uh, I'm on 'til I'm on a island My life's ridin' on the Autobahn on autopilot Before I touch dirt, I'll kill you all with kindness I kill ya, my natural persona's much worseYou've been
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