Kumpulan weezer | Lirik Lagu weezer

1. Lirik Devotion – Weezer

lirik Devotion – WeezerSuddenly our shortcomingsDon’t seem to matter that muchYour IQ is 20 points lowAnd I’m no Six Foot Hot LookAll American ManSad to say I pushed you awayWaiting for “Mrs. Right”

2. Lirik Always – Weezer

lirik Always – WeezerAlways, send your love to me softly.Sweetly, turn the pages on always. In the night, I was bornLived a new, summer ‘morn. Always, send you love, come to me.Cause I was destined to be. Always,

3. Lirik Christmas Celebration – Weezer

lirik Christmas Celebration – WeezerCristmas celebrationAnd all around the nationWon’t you stay with me tonightCause I’m running out of fightAnd the pagentry is such a bore Carolers are singingRegisters Ka-chingingAnd the

4. Lirik American Girls – Weezer

lirik American Girls – WeezerDarlin’I’m afriad to close my eyes when I’m going to bedI’m afraid you’ll crack the phone down over my head Why are all American girls so rough?Damn the girl can’t

5. Lirik Brightening Day – Weezer

lirik Brightening Day – WeezerMy best friends are gone,Far and way beyond.And they left me here with no one by my side. How can I get byWith no one to jive,And pick me back up when I fall down. My support is left.Me and I’m

6. Lirik Foolish Father – Weezer

lirik Foolish Father – WeezerSimple love songsDrenched in bored songsComing out a long song Hesitate to throw your stonesWhen criminals are victimsLooking back in to our pastThere’s no cause for these symptoms now Forgive

8. Lirik Cleopatra – Weezer

lirik Cleopatra – WeezerWe grow old, our hearts are dimBut our minds are free, to fly where they willYour beauty is faded, you’re a broken shellIt’s only the weak that fall for your spell You can’t control

10. Lirik Da Vinci – Weezer

lirik Da Vinci – WeezerI tried taking a picture of youWhen I look at it nothing comes throughSometimes I wonder if you’re just a ghostAnd I wonder who’s haunting you most I tried describing you to all my
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