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2. Lirik Dreams Come True – Westlife

lirik Dreams Come True – WestlifeDreams are there to show you the way(Better take a look inside)Close your eyes find out what they’re trying to say(You gotta take a look inside) Only for a minuteJust to make a startImagine what

3. Lirik Mandy – Westlife

lirik Mandy – WestlifeI remember all my lifeRaining down as cold as iceShadows of a manA face through a windowCrying in the nightThe night goes into Morning, just another dayHappy people pass my wayLooking in their eyesI

4. Lirik Against All Odds – Westlife

lirik Against All Odds – Westlife(feat. Mariah Carey) [Shane:]How can I just let you walk away,Just let you leave without a trace,When I’m standing taking every breath,With you, ooohhh,You’re the only one who really knew

5. Lirik Don’t Let Me Go – Westlife

lirik Don’t Let Me Go – WestlifeSongwriters: Byrne, Nicky; Howes, Ash; Murphy, Sharon; Stannard, Richard; Egan, Kian; Harrington, Martin; Gallagher, Julian; Morgan, David; So much to say, but where do I startWould you listen if I

7. Lirik No More Heroes – Westlife

lirik No More Heroes – WestlifeWhen the waves are crashing downPulling you to sorrowI will sail you back to shoreWhen there are no more heroesOver under, near or farI’ll be right beside youStanding here with open armsWhen there

8. Lirik Have You Ever – Westlife

lirik Have You Ever – WestlifeSongwriters: Warren, Diane; Have you ever loved somebody so much, it makes you cry?Have you ever needed something so bad, you can?t sleep at night?Have you ever tried to find the words but they don?t

9. Lirik I Promise You That – Westlife

lirik I Promise You That – WestlifeOh Yeah,Yeah There’s no reason you should feel like thisI know that I am the only one to blameI feel your agonyits hidden in your kissOoh I don’t believe that things are said and doneI

11. Lirik Love Takes Two – Westlife

lirik Love Takes Two – Westlife[Mark:]Baby, tell me, are we heading into trouble, yeahIs it my imagination taking wholeDo I read too much into the way we slayThe way you move away from meI may feel that you’re the one But

12. Lirik Why Did You Leave Me – Westlife

lirik Why Did You Leave Me – WestlifeIf only you could see the tearsIn the world you left behindIf only you could hear my heartJust one more time Even when I close my eyesThere is an image of your faceOnce again I come to realizeYou have

13. Lirik Moments – Westlife

lirik Moments – WestlifeIf i die tonight,I’d go with no regrets,If it’s in your arms,I know that i was blessed,And if your eyes,are the last thing that i see,Then i know the beauty heaven holds for me, But if i

16. Lirik No No – Westlife

lirik No No – Westlifeno no no no Once,we had it all for the taking,love was just me and you,You better think twice,about the plans that you’re making,of splitting one word in two, Put your mind in doubt,did you ever

17. Lirik The Rose – Westlife

lirik The Rose – WestlifeSome say love it is a riverThat drowns the tender reed.Some say love it is a razorThat leaves your soul to bleed. Some say love it is a hungerAn endless, aching needI say love it is a flower,And you

18. Lirik What About Now – Westlife

lirik What About Now – WestlifeLyrics : Shadows fill an empty heartAs love is fading all the things that we areBut are not sayingCan we see beyond the starsAnd make it to the dawn? Change the colors of the skyAnd open up toThe ways

19. Lirik You Raise Me Up – Westlife

lirik You Raise Me Up – WestlifeSongwriters: Lovland, Rolf; Graham, Brendan; When I am down and all my souls surround meAnd troubles come and my heart burden meAnd I am still am waiting here in the silenceUntil you come and sit

20. Lirik On My Shoulder – Westlife

lirik On My Shoulder – WestlifeNah nahnah nah nahnah All around the worldAll around the worldSomeone needs somebody Let it be a shield All around the world All around the worldSomeone’s feeling lonely But I know you never

24. Lirik Fool Again – Westlife

lirik Fool Again – Westlife[Shane:]BabyI know the story,I’ve seen the pictureIt’s written all over your faceTell meWhat’s the secretThat you’ve been hidingAnd who’s gonna take my place I should

25. Lirik Fly Me To The Moon – Westlife

lirik Fly Me To The Moon – WestlifeFly me to the moonLet me sing among those starsLet me see what spring is likeOn jupiter and mars In other words, hold my handIn other words, baby kiss me Fill my heart with songLet me sing for ever

26. Lirik Beautiful Tonight – Westlife

lirik Beautiful Tonight – WestlifeWell I thought I’d seen it all beginning to the endYeah I was the great pretenderAlways alone again Well a light came shining inWhen you took my breath awayNow I know I’ve waited all my

27. Lirik World Of Our Own – Westlife

lirik World Of Our Own – WestlifeSongwriters: Mccutcheon, Steven; Hector, Wayne; You make me feel funnyWhen you come aroundYeah, that’s what I found out, honeyWhat am I doing without you?You make me feel happyWhen I leave you

30. Lirik Story Of Love – Westlife

lirik Story Of Love – Westlife[All (Shane lead vocals):]This is the story of love [Bryan:]Let’s make it last forever [All (Shane lead vocals):]You hold the words that mean so much [Bryan:]Let’s make a plan together [

31. Lirik Home – Westlife

lirik Home – Westlife[Shane:]Hey…What’s your name?Do you live around here?Don’t I know your face?You say, “I’ve been a strangerFor too long”I didn’t even notice I was goneAnd I

32. Lirik Closer – Westlife

lirik Closer – WestlifeCome take my hand nowKnow there is no doubtI’m here for youI’ll be the truth Someone in your lifeJust look in my eyesKnow that you’re homeYou’re not alone All I know is I can&#

34. Lirik Another World – Westlife

lirik Another World – WestlifeAnd another lifeMaybe we see everythingIn a different lightLike an endless summerAnd in the years from nowWe’ll all be livingThe same old certain dreamThat we imagined would be Chorus:Somewhere

35. Lirik Let It Fall – Westlife

lirik Let It Fall – WestlifeThere’s a star in you who wants to shineBut you’re living in a world that’s full of darkness.No matter what you do there’s still no lightEven though you feel you’ve tried

36. Lirik Lost In You – Westlife

lirik Lost In You – WestlifeThere’s no more waitingHolding out for loveYou are my GodsendThat I have been forever dreaming ofMy angel from above Heaven knowsI’m head over heels and it showsI’ve played every

37. Lirik My Love – Westlife

lirik My Love – WestlifeSongwriters: Elofsson, Jorgen Kjell; Nylen, Per; Kreuger, David Bengt; Magnusson, Per; An empty streetAn empty houseA hole inside my heartI’m all alone, the rooms are getting smaller I wonder

39. Lirik Imaginary Diva – Westlife

lirik Imaginary Diva – WestlifeLate last night I had a dream And it was then I seen her She didn’t need no diamond rings Fancy cars, Versace things to please her She’s my perfect girl And I call her my imaginary diva

40. Lirik Open Your Heart – Westlife

lirik Open Your Heart – WestlifeI didn’t mean to let you downYou have to believe itI don’t know what went through my mindBut now I can see That I waited too longTo tell you how much it mattersJust to be right here with

42. Lirik Change The World – Westlife

lirik Change The World – WestlifeSince you’ve gone, well it seems like everything is wrong,And deep inside, I know that i’ve,lost much more than pride,Well, happiness is getting further away,Girl,i miss you more than

43. Lirik How To Break A Heart – Westlife

lirik How To Break A Heart – WestlifeSince you�re not worth my loveI haven�t given upI�m stronger than that(I�m stronger than that)And though my heart will breakI�m takin� back my faith�Cause right now my world is spinnin

44. Lirik Reach Out – Westlife

lirik Reach Out – WestlifeWhen everything is warYoure living in a battle zoneWhen everything is tornAnd the world is cold as stoneDont lock all the doorsClose your heartShut me out of your lifeAnd throw all the keysChorus:Will

47. Lirik Miracle – Westlife

lirik Miracle – WestlifeWhere does it go when it’s goneAll of the love that we hadI wish I could make you remember oh yeah The rock that we build is apartHow could it just disappear like it ain’t matter I don&#

48. Lirik Forever – Westlife

lirik Forever – Westlife[All:]I’ll be loving you forever,Deep inside my heart you’ll leave me never,Even if you took my heart,And tore it apart,I would love you still, forever, [Bryan:]You are the sun,You are my

49. Lirik Hey Whatever – Westlife

lirik Hey Whatever – Westlife[Bryan:]Well I can’t control the universeCause I’m only a manAnd I’ve been reading the papersBut they won’t tell me who I am [Shane:]If you really need a new philosophyWell

50. Lirik Shadows – Westlife

lirik Shadows – WestlifeMornings afterStill lingersJust waking upI see a shadow of youMaking breakfast for twoI go drivingPast our place andI see this girl walk byI smell her perfumeFor a moment I wish it was youIm not gonna
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