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1. Lirik I’ll See You Again – Westlife

lirik I’ll See You Again – WestlifeAlways you will be part of meAnd I will forever feel your strengthWhen I need it mostYou're gone now, gone but not forgottenI can’t say this to your faceBut I know you hearChorus:I�ll see you

2. Lirik Somebody Needs You – Westlife

lirik Somebody Needs You – WestlifeI'm only human Sometimes I make mistakesIf you forgive meI'm gonna do what it takesBut now I know better To hurt you was wrongGirl it's with you I belongSomebody needs you like never beforeSomebody

3. Lirik I Do – Westlife

lirik I Do – WestlifeSongwriters: Hector, Wayne Anthony; Mac, Steve; Reid, John Robinson;Tell me can you feel my heart beat?Tell me as I kneel down at your feetI knew there would come a timeWhen these two hearts would

4. Lirik One Last Cry – Westlife

lirik One Last Cry – WestlifeMy shattered dreams and broken heartAre mending on the shelf,I saw you holding hands Standing close to someone elseNow I sit all alone Wishing all my feelings were goneI give my best to you, nothing

5. Lirik Everybody Knows – Westlife

lirik Everybody Knows – Westlife[Shane:]It's never too hard to find the words The words to say to you You make it so easy just to talk The way we talk things through You're never too tired to care You're never too busy to just be

6. Lirik When I’m With You – Westlife

lirik When I’m With You – WestlifeSongwriters: Biancaniello, Louis John; Omley, Jordan; Mani, Michael James; Watters, Samuel J;When I?m with youWhen I?m with youWhen I?m with you, you, you, youWhen I?m with youWhat good?s a

7. Lirik I Cry – Westlife

lirik I Cry – WestlifeYou said goodbye I fell apart I fell from all we had To I never knew I needed you so bad You need to let things go I know, you told me so I've been through hell To break the spell Why did I ever let

8. Lirik Come Fly With Me – Westlife

lirik Come Fly With Me – WestlifeCome fly with me, let's fly, let's fly awayIf you can use some exotic boozeThere's a bar in far BombayCome fly with me, let's fly, let's fly awayCome fly with me, let's float down to PeruIn llama land

9. Lirik Don’t Let Me Go – Westlife

lirik Don’t Let Me Go – WestlifeSongwriters: Byrne, Nicky; Howes, Ash; Murphy, Sharon; Stannard, Richard; Egan, Kian; Harrington, Martin; Gallagher, Julian; Morgan, David;So much to say, but where do I startWould you listen if I

10. Lirik No No – Westlife

lirik No No – Westlifeno no no noOnce,we had it all for the taking,love was just me and you,You better think twice,about the plans that you're making,of splitting one word in two,Put your mind in doubt,did you ever think

11. Lirik Something Right – Westlife

lirik Something Right – WestlifeSongwriters: Birgisson, Arnthor; Kotecha, Savan; Yacoub, Rami;Never thought that I?d be so inspiredNever thought that I would find a higher truthI believed that love was overrated?Til the moment I

12. Lirik To Be With You – Westlife

lirik To Be With You – WestlifeSongwriters: Martin, Eric; Grahame, David;Hold on, little girlShow me what he's done to youStand up, little girlA broken heart can't be that badWhen it's true, it's trueFate will twist the both of

13. Lirik I Did It For You – Westlife

lirik I Did It For You – Westlife[Shane:]Life without taking chancesIs no kind of life at allYou've gotta stand up for somethingEven if you might fallGotta take the roadWherever it might goNo matter where, no matter whatI want you to

14. Lirik When You Come Around – Westlife

lirik When You Come Around – WestlifeThe day I was leaving I was feeling insecure I thought that I'd thrown away All of those days And what we had before And now I believe it After what you had to say I thought about every day In every

15. Lirik Hey Whatever – Westlife

lirik Hey Whatever – Westlife[Bryan:]Well I can't control the universeCause I'm only a manAnd I've been reading the papersBut they won't tell me who I am[Shane:]If you really need a new philosophyWell there's one that makes

16. Lirik We Are One – Westlife

lirik We Are One – WestlifeTwo very different people,too scared to get along,Till two hearts beat together,underneath one sun,One very special moment,can turn a destiny,And what some would say,could never change,has changed for

18. Lirik It’s You – Westlife

lirik It’s You – WestlifeThere's a laugh in my eyes There's a waltz in my walk And it's been such a long time Since there was hope in my talk If you never knew What it is that's new.. it's you 'Cause when your hands are in

19. Lirik What About Now – Westlife

lirik What About Now – WestlifeLyrics :Shadows fill an empty heartAs love is fading all the things that we areBut are not sayingCan we see beyond the starsAnd make it to the dawn?Change the colors of the skyAnd open up toThe ways

21. Lirik Have You Ever – Westlife

lirik Have You Ever – WestlifeSongwriters: Warren, Diane;Have you ever loved somebody so much, it makes you cry?Have you ever needed something so bad, you can?t sleep at night?Have you ever tried to find the words but they don?t

22. Lirik I’m Already There – Westlife

lirik I’m Already There – WestlifeHe called her on the road a lonely cold hotel roomJust to hear her say I love you one more timeBut when he heard the soundOf the kids laughing in the backgroundHe had to wipe away a tear from his eyeA

23. Lirik Try Again – Westlife

lirik Try Again – WestlifeSongwriters: Per Olof Magnusson;David Bengt Kreuger;Joergen ElofssonHush now, don't you cry, never be a better dayI promise youWe can work it out but only if you let me knowWhat's on your mindBaby,

24. Lirik All Or Nothing – Westlife

lirik All Or Nothing – WestlifeI know when he's been on your mind That distant look is in your eyes I thought with time you'd realize it's over, over It's not the way I choose to live Bit something somewhere's gotta give As sharing

25. Lirik Where We Are – Westlife

lirik Where We Are – WestlifeWhere We Are LyricsStay, stay where you are.Don't let me go, Don't let me go.Made it this far.Oh baby stop! Stop right there.Don't walk away, Don't walk away.Into thin air.We survived the crash, Made

27. Lirik Thank You – Westlife

lirik Thank You – Westlife[Shane:]I wanna thank you very muchThank you for lending me loveNow I'm levitatingCos I feel like I've been waitingFor a lifetimeFor your touch[Bryan:]Now I'm 6 feet off the groundAnd I may never come

28. Lirik I Need You – Westlife

lirik I Need You – WestlifeBaby,baby,I swear to you,Baby,baby, I'm here for you,I don't know why,why i did those things to you,what went through my mind,And i don't know why,why i broke your heart in two,guess that i was blind,

30. Lirik What Makes A Man – Westlife

lirik What Makes A Man – WestlifeThis isn't goodbye, even as I watch you leave, this isn't goodbyeI swear I won't cry, even as tears fill my eyes, I swear I won't cryAny other girl, I'd let you walk awayAny other girl, I'm sure I'd

33. Lirik Closer – Westlife

lirik Closer – WestlifeCome take my hand nowKnow there is no doubtI'm here for youI'll be the truthSomeone in your lifeJust look in my eyesKnow that you're homeYou're not aloneAll I know is I can't breatheWithout you next

34. Lirik That’s Life – Westlife

lirik That’s Life – WestlifeThat's life (that's life), that's what all the people sayYou're ridin' high in April, shot down in MayBut I know I'm gonna change that tuneWhen I'm back on top, back on top in JuneI said that's life (

35. Lirik Chances – Westlife

lirik Chances – WestlifeTake all your chances while you canYou never know when they'll pass you byLike a sum the mathematician cannot solveLike me trying my hardest to explainIt's all about your cries and kissesThose first

36. Lirik Seasons In The Sun – Westlife

lirik Seasons In The Sun – Westlife[Kian:]Goodbye to you my trusted friend We've known each other since we were nine or ten Together we've climbed hills and trees Learned of love and ABC's Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees [

37. Lirik Why Do I Love You – Westlife

lirik Why Do I Love You – WestlifeSuddenly she's Leaving Suddenly the Promise of love has gone Suddenly Breathing seems so hard to do Carefully you Planned it I got to know just A minute to late, oh girl now I understand it All the

38. Lirik Maybe Tomorrow – Westlife

lirik Maybe Tomorrow – Westlife[Shane:]Cant believe its overThat you're leavingWeren't we meant to be?Should've sensed the dangerRead the warningsRight there in front of meJust stopLets start it overCouldn't I get one more try?[All

39. Lirik Smile – Westlife

lirik Smile – WestlifeSmile though your heart is achingSmile even though it's breakingWhen there are clouds in the sky, you'll get byIf you smile through your fear and sorrowSmile and maybe tomorrowYou'll see the sun come

40. Lirik Tonight – Westlife

lirik Tonight – Westlife[Bryan:]Lately I'm so tiredIf I took it all out on youI never meant toIf I left you outsideIf you ever felt I ignored youKnow my life is all youSo put your best dress onAnd wrap yourself in the arms

41. Lirik Let There Be Love – Westlife

lirik Let There Be Love – WestlifeLet there be you,Let there be me. Let there be oystersUnder the sea.Let there be wind,An occassional rain.Chile con carne,Sparkling champagneLet there be birdsTo sing in the trees,Someone to bless

42. Lirik Turn Around – Westlife

lirik Turn Around – Westlife[Mark:]Some people are lucky, babyI guess I am tooLove found meAnd I found youAnd everytime I think it can't get betterYou do something newAnd I'm renewed[Shane:]And when it gets cold andI think its

43. Lirik Why Did You Leave Me – Westlife

lirik Why Did You Leave Me – WestlifeIf only you could see the tearsIn the world you left behindIf only you could hear my heartJust one more timeEven when I close my eyesThere is an image of your faceOnce again I come to realizeYou have

44. Lirik Reach Out – Westlife

lirik Reach Out – WestlifeWhen everything is warYoure living in a battle zoneWhen everything is tornAnd the world is cold as stoneDont lock all the doorsClose your heartShut me out of your lifeAnd throw all the keysChorus:Will

45. Lirik I Lay My Love On You – Westlife

lirik I Lay My Love On You – WestlifeSongwriters: Elofsson, Jorgen Kjell; Kreuger, David Bengt; Magnusson, Per Olof; Perez, Rudy^;Just a smile and the rain is goneCan hardly believe it, yeahThere's an angel standing next to meReaching

46. Lirik Amazing – Westlife

lirik Amazing – WestlifeSongwriters: Thott, Didrik; Falk, Carl Anthony; Lundin, Kristian; Bjorsell, Carl; Schulze, Jacob; Kotecha, Savan; Thott, Sebastian;You're like a storm against the windowFollow me 'round just like a

47. Lirik The Easy Way – Westlife

lirik The Easy Way – WestlifeListen girlJust let me talk to youI just wanna be with youSo why should i play it coolYou and me, We got a chemistrySo i dont need poetry to say what ya mean to meSee im not into buying, your

48. Lirik In This Life – Westlife

lirik In This Life – WestlifeFor all I've been blessed with in this lifeThere was an emptiness in meI was imprisoned by the power of goldWith one honest touch you set me freeLet the world stop turningLet the sun stop burningLet

49. Lirik Walk Away – Westlife

lirik Walk Away – WestlifeHere we are Just a little older Time goes by But did I ever tell you why I want you so much It came to me When you were not around You'll always be The one to understand that's why I can't miss your

50. Lirik Another World – Westlife

lirik Another World – WestlifeAnd another lifeMaybe we see everythingIn a different lightLike an endless summerAnd in the years from nowWe'll all be livingThe same old certain dreamThat we imagined would beChorus:Somewhere
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