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4. Lirik Bang Bang – will.i.am

lirik Bang Bang – will.i.am(Verse)I love her, cant leave her,Forever Ill always need her,She lie, but I believe her,Lovesick I got that fever.Love stupid, I know it,Love stupid, I know it,I know, cause Im a fool in love.My baby

5. Lirik Good Morning – will.i.am

lirik Good Morning – will.i.amGood morning, welcome to the thing called light.Good morning, don't you let it pass you by.We laugh, we cry and then we dry our eyes,We fall, we rise, ready for another try.When life gets tough,

8. Lirik Soldier – Before You Exit

lirik Soldier – Before You ExitYou got holes in your jeansAnd few in your heartYou dont know what it means to meTo watch you fall apart'Cause you're broken and bruisedBut I can hold you throughIll take you in my arms tonightJust me

10. Lirik How Can I Love You – XIA Junsu

lirik How Can I Love You – XIA JunsuHow can I love yougeudaeneun anayonaege malhaejul su issnayonae mami geudae mam dameul su issgegireul yeoreojul su issnayoHow can I stan with youimi sijakdoen geolnaneun meomchul suga eopsneundenuneul

11. Lirik Uncommitted – XIA Junsu

lirik Uncommitted – XIA JunsuUncommittedUncommittedUncommittedEy, eyIt was all a dreamReality was far from the safe pictureShe painted for meShe told me I was the one and I believedUntil the dream dissipated so suddenlyI dont

12. Lirik Cold One – Eric Church

lirik Cold One – Eric ChurchIt was a perfect day for the end of May, they say a record highI was starin' at that green water when out of the blue and by surpriseShe had her feet up on the cooler as she put our love on iceShe

14. Lirik Tree Covered In Dew – XIA Junsu

lirik Tree Covered In Dew – XIA JunsuI will stay by your sideAnd I will be in loveOnly with youI love you, look at me just like thisIn front of me is youLet's promise like we are dreamingEven if time passes, even if times changeI will be

15. Lirik Talladega – Eric Church

lirik Talladega – Eric ChurchIt was the summer before the real world started andThe deal was we would get to go if weCleaned it up and got it runningDaddy's old WinnebagoWing and a prayer down 65Five best friends on four bald

17. Lirik Glass Shatters – Disturbed

lirik Glass Shatters – DisturbedStep up! Cause you're the next one in line for the kill. You don't believe me but I'm betting that you will. Stand up! I'll let you live a little bit with the pain that I bring. You know it's only the

18. Lirik Forsaken – Disturbed

lirik Forsaken – DisturbedI'm over ityou see I'm falling in the fast abyssclouded by memories of the pastat last I seeI hear ir fadingI can speak itor else you will take my placeyou feelin finding...always whiningtake my hand

19. Lirik I Love That Bitch – Dreezy

lirik I Love That Bitch – DreezyUhThat's the perfect echoYeah YeahHer sent is sweeter than swishesWith just a whiff of her fragranceShe have you stuck like a pictureBy just the hell of her presentsShe hypnotise by her assents

20. Lirik Don’t Kill The Magic – Magic!

lirik Don’t Kill The Magic – Magic!If you want space (you could have it)If you want change (you could have it)Sleep on your bed (you could have it)Pull it to my head (you could have it)If you want love! (you could have it)The way that

21. Lirik Keep On – Eric Church

lirik Keep On – Eric ChurchYeah I see you over there makin' eyes at meLike you don't wanna get caughtWhere'd you get the cowboy on your armAnd where you want me to drop him offI see you tryin' to hide that fire insideBut your

25. Lirik Chiraq – Dreezy

lirik Chiraq – DreezyHit up Harolds on 87thGet a 5 piece with some mild sauceThot top while I'm hitting blocksI feel like the Rock, knocking miles offBitches sillyComing in my cityWhen they knowing reallyThey ain't

29. Lirik Da Vinci – Weezer

lirik Da Vinci – WeezerI tried taking a picture of youWhen I look at it nothing comes throughSometimes I wonder if you're just a ghostAnd I wonder who's haunting you mostI tried describing you to all my friendsBut they just

30. Lirik Fly – GOT7

lirik Fly – GOT7Oh ohh I wanna fly baby fly with youAye neon haengbokhani nan haengbokhae yeahNun tteuneun achim mada nan maeil kkumgataNunbusin haessari da nal wihan geotman gataOneuldo naui haruga eogimeopsi neoro

32. Lirik Feel Good – CN Blue

lirik Feel Good – CN BlueOh oh oh oneulbameun naega control (oeo)Nal boneun yeojadeureun naega control (oeo)Deep deep deep gipi ppajyeobeorinModu nae nunbiche chwihae stop (raralla)Ppi ppi ppi neoreul chatneun naneun patrol(

33. Lirik Cleopatra – Weezer

lirik Cleopatra – WeezerWe grow old, our hearts are dimBut our minds are free, to fly where they willYour beauty is faded, you're a broken shellIt's only the weak that fall for your spellYou can't control me no more

34. Lirik Falling – The Lumineers

lirik Falling – The LumineersI love youAnd everything about youWon't you stay awaySo I can get my work done in the day OkayAnd maybe in the meantimeYou and me will be fineIf you just relaxAnd check your eyes for cataractsIts

35. Lirik Foolish Father – Weezer

lirik Foolish Father – WeezerSimple love songsDrenched in bored songsComing out a long songHesitate to throw your stonesWhen criminals are victimsLooking back in to our pastThere's no cause for these symptoms nowForgive your

36. Lirik Elouise – The Lumineers

lirik Elouise – The LumineersIf you're down on your luck, don't get down on yourselfIt won't do you no good'Cause I've been there before, fought a hundred warsAnd I'm still fighting for youElouise, why'd you leave?Please confess

46. Lirik For All You've Done – Hillsong

lirik For All You've Done – Hillsong My Savior, Redeemer, lifted me from the miry clay Almighty, forever, I will never be the same,'Cause You came near From the everlasting to the world we live The Father's only SonAnd You lived, and

50. Lirik Shut Me Up – Old Dominion

lirik Shut Me Up – Old DominionI can't get you off the tip of my tongueYou're running through my head againLike one of those summer sing-a-long songsI play you once and you're just stuck 'em inI'm either talkin' about ya or thinkin
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