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1. Lirik Age Ain't A Factor – Jaheim

lirik Age Ain't A Factor – Jaheim Ma-ma-ma-ma Ma-ma-ma-ma Ma-ma-ma-ma ma-ma-ma My baby, my baby, my baby What a lady, girl! Ooh!You're like the wine, you get better with time Got your Nia Long on, this your song, you're so fine From

3. Lirik Million Hand – Right 88

lirik Million Hand – Right 88Now you got to show dreadful that you have it to long But I'm never to accept that all ever you have done You are not the one I ever see to place the blame But everyone have to know all the answer Can

5. Lirik Mortal Combat – Afu-Ra

lirik Mortal Combat – Afu-Rafeaturing Masta Killa [Afu-Ra] Nine-nine style, you know what'm sayin? Comin at ya This is how we do... Parapalegic, my fighting stance too strategic No shadows on my kicks too much chi Horrific,

6. Lirik Swanananana – Baby Bash

lirik Swanananana – Baby Bash [Mickael] Cold Chamber[Chorus:] [Mickael in background] [Slim Thug] I'm smoking kush, gettin' higher than a plane (Swanananana...) And the Cadillac sittin' on the thangs (Swanananana...) I'm so high

10. Lirik Slaughterhouse – Joe Budden

lirik Slaughterhouse – Joe Budden [Joell Ortiz] Aiyyo Joey what you said, 24 right? Aight cool, I got youUhh, I define gutter - every time I rhyme I climb up another notch, hip-hop got my spine smothered But I'll be fine brother - my

19. Lirik Hero – X Factor (us)

lirik Hero – X Factor (us) This is for you, I love you, thank youHmm There's a hero If you look inside your heart You don't have to be afraid Of what you are There's an answer If you reach into your soul And the sorrow that

25. Lirik Kiss You – X Factor (uk)

lirik Kiss You – X Factor (uk) (Zayn) Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like We can go out any day any night Baby I'll take you there, take you there Baby I'll take you there, there(Harry) Oh tell me tell me tell me how

29. Lirik Clown – X Factor (uk)

lirik Clown – X Factor (uk) I guess it's funnier from where you're standing 'Cause from over here I've missed the joke Cleared the way for my crash landing I've done it again, another number for your notes I'd be smiling if I

33. Lirik Wonderwall – X Factor (uk)

lirik Wonderwall – X Factor (uk) Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you By now you shoulda, somehow, realized what you gotta do I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you nowBack beat, the

37. Lirik Respect – X Factor (uk)

lirik Respect – X Factor (uk) What you want, baby, I got it What's you need? You know I got it All I'm askin' is for a little respect when you get home Hey baby, when you get home, misterI ain't gonna do you wrong while you're
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