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1. Lirik Forever Young – Cash Cash

lirik Forever Young – Cash CashForever young, I wanna be forever youngMaybe we can stay and dance for a whileHeaven can wait, we're going out in styleBaby, we can change our lives tonightSo let us die young or let us live

2. Lirik Young – Tulisa

lirik Young – TulisaForgive me for what I have doneCause I’m youngYeah I’m youngForgive me for what I have doneCause I’m youngYeah I’m youngI don’t mean to frighten you offIt’s just

3. Lirik Too Young – Post Malone

lirik Too Young – Post MaloneI don't wanna die too youngYeah, too young, yeah, too youngI don't wanna die too young, too young, too youngCounting bands, hallelujah, 'lujah, 'lujahI don't wanna die too young, too young, too youngI

5. Lirik Hey Young Girl – Lloyd

lirik Hey Young Girl – Lloyd Hey young girl how you feelin' today Girl your body just brighten my day up See you have now been approached by a playa' But baby I won't play ya, lets have a conversation like Is you in school? What

6. Lirik Young Dumb & Broke – khalid

lirik Young Dumb & Broke – khalidSo you're still thinking of me Just like I know you should I can not give you everything, you know I wish I could I'm so high at the moment I'm so caught up in this Yeah, we're just young, dumb and

9. Lirik When We Were Young – Adele

lirik When We Were Young – AdeleEverybody loves the things you doFrom the way you talkTo the way you moveEverybody here is watching youCause you feel like homeYou're like a dream come trueBut if by chance you're here aloneCan I have

10. Lirik We Were Young – DVBBS

lirik We Were Young – DVBBSWe were young, we were dumbWe would do it all againWe will never sleepWe will stay up with our friendsWhere we goWe don't knowWhere we goWe don't knowThese memories will fadeBut we'll do it againWe

11. Lirik Too Young to Remember – Florrie

lirik Too Young to Remember – FlorrieI'm too young to rememberI wanna get, wanna get what I want, heyI'm too young to rememberI wanna get, wanna get what I want, heyRewind and let's go back tonight, back to 1991Batman and Super Mario,

13. Lirik Out Here Grindin' – Dj Khaled

lirik Out Here Grindin' – Dj Khaled DJ Khaled, we the best season has returned (Cause I'm out here grindin') I do this for the streets, the runners (Cause I'm out here grindin')I don't care what nobody say I'm a be me (Be me) Stay hood

14. Lirik U12 – Daya

lirik U12 – DayaGot sixteen candles, make a wish and blow them outHoping for those three words, you never say out loudI know you play cool but I know you think about itSo make my wish come true, and do something

15. Lirik Let’s Love – Echosmith

lirik Let’s Love – EchosmithI'm just a girl from the city You came to me, like Calvary And now, all I want is to hold you now I've been saving my soul for someone like you So, let's love while we're young So, let's love before

18. Lirik Young And Reckless – Joe Jonas

lirik Young And Reckless – Joe JonasYou got that burning in your eyesAlways a creature of the nightJust like a bullet into life, young and recklessBut I am the one who knows the truthWhen all the lights go down on youYou're finding it

20. Lirik Forever Young – Jay-z

lirik Forever Young – Jay-z Hey! Let's dance in style, let's dance for a while Heaven can wait, we're only watching the skies Hoping for the best but expecting the worst Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?Let us die young or

23. Lirik Roll Thru – PARTYNEXTDOOR

lirik Roll Thru – PARTYNEXTDOORSee me roll thruGirl see me roll thruShe ain't never seen young boy come through like skurtI could never find bad bitch look just like herShe don't waste time on a lame she know her worthWhen young

26. Lirik We Are Young – Alex Rudiart

lirik We Are Young – Alex RudiartGive me a second I, I need to get my story straight My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State My lover shes waiting for me just across the bar My seats been taken by some

27. Lirik Young & Sexy – Fabolous

lirik Young & Sexy – Fabolous Young money on the floor, track money on the beat That's right man, the young and sexy, baby You're only young as you feel, haha, ya know? Let's get it in, twenty five and underI see you smiling,

31. Lirik We Had Everything – Broods

lirik We Had Everything – BroodsI turned you into a secretTo memorize aloneTo justify my behaviorDefine who I've becomeEvery time I tell my storyI begin with youAnd I recall the night when I, when IWhen I broke in twoWe were young,

32. Lirik So Young – The Corrs

lirik So Young – The CorrsWe are taking it easy Bright and breezy We are living it up Just to fine and dandy *And it really doesnt matter that we dont eat And it really doesnt matter that we dont sleep It really doesnt

33. Lirik Intro – Dj Kayslay


35. Lirik Mama Used To Say – Junior

lirik Mama Used To Say – JuniorOoh Yeah, girl Said a small boy once asked, When will I grow up When will I see what grownups do see... In his fight to come of age, he would have to know the age To be recognized is when I'

36. Lirik Blaze Of Glory – Bon Jovi

lirik Blaze Of Glory – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bon Jovi, Jon;I wake up in the mornin'And I raise my weary headI got an old coat for a pillowAnd the earth was last night's bedI don't know where I'm goin'Only God knows where I've beenI'

37. Lirik What It Is – Kodaline

lirik What It Is – KodalineSo you're standing in the parking lot of lifeAnd you're trying to figure out your fate tonightAnd you hear a sound coming out of the car radioSaying "son, if you don't learn, then you will never know"

38. Lirik Live Before You Die – Bon Jovi

lirik Live Before You Die – Bon JoviI was a little boy of 9 years oldThe whole world in my handsTrying to toss that ball across the yardA game of catch with my old manHe would always say Im sorryEvery time he had to leaveAnd I was much

39. Lirik EPILOGUE Young Forever – BTS

lirik EPILOGUE Young Forever – BTSMagi naerigo naneun sumi chaBokjaphaejin mam sumeul naeswindaOneul mot swilsuneun eopseosseo naGwangaekdeurui pyojeongeun eottaessdeongaGeuraedo haengbokhae ireon naega doeseoNugunga sori jireuge

40. Lirik Lose It – French Montana

lirik Lose It – French Montana What's Gucci my nigga? What's Louis my killa?I feel like I can't follow in nobody footstep You know I pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop, at your head my nigga Young nigga, young nigga, pop pills, make mills

44. Lirik Young Forever – BTS

lirik Young Forever – BTSmagi naerigo naneun sumi chabokjaphaejin mam sumeul naeswindaoneul mot swilsuneun eopseosseo nagwangaekdeurui pyojeongeun eottaessdeongageuraedo haengbokhae ireon naega doeseonugunga sori jireuge

45. Lirik Moolah – Young Greatness

lirik Moolah – Young GreatnessAll my life I hustled just to get that moolahAnd stack my change up and go see the jewelerStandin' in the kitchen I whip up that workStandin' in the kitchen I whip up that workAll I ever had was the

46. Lirik Genie In A Bottle – Blink 182

lirik Genie In A Bottle – Blink 182I'm a genie in a bottle baby, come, come, come on and let me outI'm a genie in a bottle baby, come, come, come on and let me outthirteen miles down the road lives a young boyhe's got jet black hair

47. Lirik Check – Meek Mill

lirik Check – Meek Mill Counting all this money with my brothers I've been counting all this money with my brothers And I'mma get money motherfuckerLook at these at all these young niggas flexing from the bottom We just

50. Lirik BEAUTIFUL – Kei(Lovelyz)

lirik BEAUTIFUL – Kei(Lovelyz)Cuz were youngIleukimyeon dasi neomeo jigoCuz were wildTeosdeon gildo hemaegoCuz were freeBanghwanginji nalgaejisinjidoAl sugaEobsneun eojileoun naldeulJigeumeunKkeuti eobseul geosmanGateun i
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