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1. Lirik Brown Eyes – Lady Gaga

lirik Brown Eyes – Lady Gaga In your brown eyes, walked away In your brown eyes, couldn't stay In your brown eyes, you watch her goAnd turn the record on And wonder what went wrong What went wrongIf everything was everything But

2. Lirik Mr Brown – Glow

lirik Mr Brown – GlowHe saw a lady and his heart was beating fast And then just accidently her scarf fell on the ground Too blind to see he didn't get up from his ass He missed the only chance he ever really had

4. Lirik Travelin’ Band – Bon Jovi

lirik Travelin’ Band – Bon JoviTRAVELIN' BAND (J.C. Fogerty)737 comin' out of the sky.Oh! Won't you take me down to Memphis on a midnight ride,I wanna move.Playin' in a Travelin' Band. Yeah!Well, I'm flyin' 'cross the land, tryin'

8. Lirik Brown Paper Bag – Dj Khaled

lirik Brown Paper Bag – Dj Khaled DJ Khaled, we the best ***, we the best, man, listenJust got a hundred of that brown paper bag money You *** really wanna talk money? *** real, that's all I can tell 'em Just wrap 'em up good so the

9. Lirik Brown Skin Woman – Krs One

lirik Brown Skin Woman – Krs One Aiyyo Kris, yo, yo, yo That was fresh, come with that next shitUh, fat, fat, fat, fat beats How refreshing is it really? How refreshing is it really?Big shout out to Philly in the house G. Simone,

10. Lirik Lebih Baik Ngeband – Hyndia

lirik Lebih Baik Ngeband – Hyndiamasalah tututututu masalah tututututu masalah datang silih berganti seolah-olah tak pernah mengerti kamu kamu kamu kamu kamu tak pernah tahu pusing kepalaku memikirkan itu sama kamu di-php-

11. Lirik American Gangster – Jim Jones

lirik American Gangster – Jim Jones American Gangster is what i want to be. the song goes thru my ears,but it's to loud. my feather used to be a gangster in his band. he was a mexaen then he turned into a american. so everyone called

12. Lirik Garageland – Bon Jovi

lirik Garageland – Bon JoviI read the paper just the other dayAbout a buddy of mine who headed to an early graveThey say he went in his sleepWith a smile on his faceBet he was dreaming 'bout those better daysWhen the crash of

13. Lirik Bad – Chris Brown

lirik Bad – Chris Brown [Soulja Boy] She bad, like a student in detention Walk inside the club and my chain just glistenin' Soulja Boy Tell 'Em yeah I got Chris wit me I bet I drank the bottle 'til that b-tch empty Gucci

14. Lirik Have It – Chris Brown

lirik Have It – Chris Brown Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Uh huh oh oh oh oh ohVerse 1- Chris Brown N-n-now whatchu ladies trynna get in extra large magnums the only one i fit in open up your mouth baby, i can be your

20. Lirik California Dreamin’ – Sia

lirik California Dreamin’ – SiaAll the leaves are brown and the sky is grayI've been for a walk on a winter's dayI'd be safe and warm if I was in L.ACalifornia dreamin' on such a winter's day[x2]I stopped into a church I passed

22. Lirik Kangen Bitch – 8 Ball

lirik Kangen Bitch – 8 BallThis is love songSpecially for Kangen Band Ass Hole !Bitch.. Piece of Shit !Bangsat !Anjing lo semuanya !Ha ha ! Mampus !OK.. Siap back againThis is not lagu gembiraLirik parah kuping bakalan bisa

28. Lirik Mengapa Lagu Bertemakan Alam Saat Ini ?

lirik Mengapa Lagu Bertemakan Alam Saat Ini ? Knp saat ini jarang ada lagu brtemakan alam?Jika km seorang penyanyi/salah satu grup band/vokal grup.Maukah km mmbuat dan menyanyikan lagu itu? ? Irsya Aquainun Dzichrisye Makanya aq lbh suka dngar

32. Lirik Oops (oh My) – Tweet

lirik Oops (oh My) – Tweet I'll tell ya what I did last night I came home, say around a quarter to three Still so high, hypnotized In a trance, from his body So buttery brown and tantalizing You would have thought I needed

34. Lirik Rekomendasi Lagu Lagi Nih ?

lirik Rekomendasi Lagu Lagi Nih ? Aku suka sama band KILLING ME INSIDE SAOSIN EYES SET TO KILL kasih tau donk lagu ala band di atas... yang kalu didengerin langsung suka dan ngefans... BAND - JUDUL LAGU ? Gagak

36. Lirik Kiss Me – Avril Lavigne

lirik Kiss Me – Avril Lavigne Kiss me out of the bearded barley Nightly, beside the green, green grass Swing, swing, swing the spinning step You wear those shoes and I will wear that dressOh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight

37. Lirik Mack The Knife – Westlife

lirik Mack The Knife – WestlifeOh the shark, Babe, has such teeth, dearAnd he shows them pearly whiteJust a jack knife has old MacHeath, dearAnd he keeps it out of sightYou know when the shark bites with his teeth, babeScarlet

39. Lirik Anak Band – The Law

lirik Anak Band – The Law10% skill 90% face punya 3 lagu hits lalu bikin album the bestGue gak perlu skill yang penting tampang ngejualBikin lagu cinta cewek pun pada terbuaiGue anak band vokalis band papan atasTampang gue

42. Lirik Mona Lisa – Chris Brown

lirik Mona Lisa – Chris Brown [chris brown:] girl you wanna play with me baby money ain't a thing cause i got paper i'm looking at your body you about to get exactly what you came for now i can throw it up throw it up break it

43. Lirik Judul Lagu Di Sponge Bob Apa Ya 039 ?

lirik Judul Lagu Di Sponge Bob Apa Ya 039 ? Apa sih judul lagu yang dinyanyikan sponge bob. .pas waktu main band di buble bowl. .itu lho pas Squidward ditantang oleh squiliam. . .plis di jawab ? Fajar itu episode kesukaan ku mantappppp :D

44. Lirik Band Pop – The Law

lirik Band Pop – The LawHey Pop Band Listen, fuck Ariel from the Peterpan come here and suck my dick bitch imma make you understand you played to be a singer but i say : fuck it suara lo kayak lonte yang dipakai bolak-balik

46. Lirik Satan State – The SIGIT

lirik Satan State – The SIGITYou fade in lie Can't even fix your tie Sexy machine on the glue Take a posy pose with the cruel You've got to look into my eyes i gave truth to your eyes I've got devil inside my green brown eyes

48. Lirik Won't Turn It Down – Jacquees

lirik Won't Turn It Down – Jacquees [Verse 1: Jacquees] Give me your number Do you want me to call you? Girl, I want you, like an alcoholic I'm so drunk, I'm so drowned Put you in a cup, let me pull it out! That Cali weed, roll it up,

49. Lirik Lagu Yg Anda Paling Benci ?

lirik Lagu Yg Anda Paling Benci ? Apa lagu yg terjelek yg pernah anda dengar. Boleh sebutkan sebanyak-banyaknya. dan sebutkan alasannya, mengapa anda benci? ? NgacaDuluDeh# lagu2nya vierra karena satu album plagiat semua...
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