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1. Lirik Spectrum – Zedd

lirik Spectrum – ZeddBreathin’ you in when I want you outFindin’ our truth in a hope of doubtLyin’ inside our quiet drama Wearin’ your heart like a stolen dreamOpenin’ skies with your broken

3. Lirik Papercut feat. Troye Sivan – Zedd

lirik Papercut feat. Troye Sivan – ZeddI was staring at the ceilingYou’re so pretty when you’re madAll that I can hear is breathingAah-aah-aah-aah-aah, aah-aah-aah-aah-aahAnd we’re stuck inside the silenceIn a cold cold

5. Lirik Push Play – Zedd

lirik Push Play – ZeddWith my words, across your face,you’re making up stories of your own.Little bits of white paper,in pockets deeper than you know. You painted black upon the whitest liesyou’ve seen them

7. Lirik Illusion feat. Echosmith – Zedd

lirik Illusion feat. Echosmith – ZeddIt feels like the fairytale is over, I really wanted these pages to beginWith “Once upon a time” like all those lullabiesI should’ve known better, I’ll admit it, I thought when

9. Lirik Done With Love – Zedd

lirik Done With Love – ZeddBaby, if you’re done with love, who’s gonna hold you tonight?Are you done with love so they can’t hurt you tomorrow?You don’t wanna keep on swimming in the ocean you’ve

11. Lirik Alive – Zedd

lirik Alive – ZeddDays go by my windowWorld slows down as it goesGoodbye to last nightLost my eyesightCan’t you help me see Loving every minute ’cause you make me feel so alive, aliveLoving every minute &#

12. Lirik Candyman – Zedd

lirik Candyman – ZeddLiving for tomorrowLost within a dreamTryna find the answer to the questionAnd it seems that love makes the world feel good Singing in the moonlightDancing in the rainLet the sunshine through to lift
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