Spooky Town – Heaven On Tears

Cara membuat Spooky Town yang dilakukan oleh Heaven On Tears memang mirip dengan Guardian Angel ataupun Big Town - Edane . Karena lirik lagu tersebut juga mirip dengan Fire Fall - Fariz RM, memang bagus, nggak percaya lihat lirik dari Spooky Town dibawah ini.

It’s so lonely, I live in this town
Never give me a chance to create something
I’m feel confuse just think alive
Alone in this town
All poeple loke ghost never talk to me
Live in spooky town like in the hell
I’m feel down nothing sound like bell
live in spooky town heal my curse
I’m feel down, nothing sound like bell
My parent suck never give attention

This damn town, I’m spechless to tell you
I want to leave,

Leave from this place
More drugs can forget all my problem
Ever think to suicide kill all memories
burning that and let me go


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