This Is My Way – Cindy Bernadette

Cindy Bernadette berhasil membuat This Is My Way dengan lirik yang cocok dengan lagu seperti Let’s Make It Right - Cindy ataupun Don t Stop - Nidji, karena kita tahu mungkin This Is My Way juga sama dengan All Your Love - Siti Nurhaliza yang memiliki irama keren dan bagus. Kita lihat saja This Is My Way dibawah.

With everything I’ve been thru’
Why would you say I’m not good enough for you’
Even when things are falling
I would stand here beside you
I wont stop for nothing
That’s how I pledged to your heart

This is my way
The way I love you
But I wont force you to stay
If you never want to
And I’ll be alright without you
Cause when a man can’t appreciate
So what’s for a woman to stay’

It aint easy
To give you everything you want
Love you no matter what
Even on the days I don’t
If I stay you’d run me over
So it’s my call
I call it over..

Guess I’m better off without you
It’s all I gotta do and I wont stop for nothing
That’s how I pledged to your heart

I wont stop givin’ up on love
I must be another man treasure
Just because of you
Dont think I’m too desparate
You can go front to
Your boy’s say it was you who call it off
I don’t give a damn about a thing you say
Coz I know my way, and I refuse to be the fool to stay


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