Understand Me – Rich Hil

Cara membuat Understand Me yang dilakukan oleh Rich Hil memang mirip dengan M.o.m ataupun Flex (ooh Ooh Ooh) - Rich Homie Quan . Karena lirik lagu tersebut juga mirip dengan New Flame - Chris Brown, memang bagus, nggak percaya lihat lirik dari Understand Me dibawah ini.

By the time I woke up,
She was already gone.
How can you love me if I’m alone?
Here I go on a road I’ve never been on,
And I’m leaving you for everything you did wrong.
I don’t wanna go back to that same place,
Replay memories that I erased.

It’s too bad, I’m irate
I’ve been gettin’ real high at a high rate.
My mom says shes comin’ this Friday,
Until then I’ma fly away.
I don’t want her to have to see me like I am now,
This is no strut, this is devil’s playground.

Pop a pill, play around,
Take her down until shes makin’ sounds
I used to stay around.

A couple pounds of some weed,
A couple nightmares and some dreams;
It ain’t what it seems.

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