Yonkers (freestyle) – Asap Rocky

Selain Lirik dari Asap Rocky yang berjudul Yonkers (freestyle), kami juga memiliki beberapa lagu menarik yang berhubungan dengan lirik ini seperti Roll One Up ataupun Wassup , Anda juga Dapat membaca lirik lainnya semacam Pmw (all I Really Need) yang sangat bagus musiknya.

Ya Sudah! Kami tidak akan berbasa-basi lagi, pastikan anda baca lirik Yonkers (freestyle) dari Asap Rocky dibawah :

[Verse 1]
I’m a motherfucking paradox, no I’m not…
Joking, I was hoping I’d provoke some thoughts
Not the kind that choke on cock, or smoke on rocks with broken hearts
Wrote this while you toke some pot, I over spoke, unorthodox
I know of God, he told me I’d be born of flaws and bored of y’all
And probably would have raised me if there wasn’t space on Noah’s Ark
Golden ox, knew you were a bitch before I’d heard of dogs
Dropping bombs no Boku Haram, lock your arms and don’t applaud
I don’t recall you going off, i’m going in, Macaulay Culkin
Y’all insulting me just by the sound of all the shit you dropping
Niggas think they flawless, they just talking like some local artists
Hopeless niggas hold up, watch me blow up as you hold that thought…

[Verse 2]
It’s some reckless shit, how I’ve been killing sentences since Genesis
Send em in, if you find a synonym to my sentiment
Y’all challenged on some cinnamon? Need Adderall & Ritalin?
I’m spazzing, this could pass up all your tantrums, it’s an anthem
Going H.A.M, you see the passion, been right here but feel the absence
Making classics single handed, causing damage, rapping is my second language
This is second nature, Damn it, just a branch of talent
Woe is thee, This shit is fucking poetry, I’m Edgar Allan
Poe. Never let it go, damn I’m so fucking cold
And all I’ve ever been is who I’m told and not supposed to be
Jodeci. Nigga yeah I’m back and I ain’t suppose to be
4th degree. Burned your heat, you had your chance to work with me
Like okay, see… I could have shocked the world before like OKC
Planting seeds, Plotting, planning things this planet hasn’t seen
Platinum album, Damn it, give me 2 years and it’s happening
…It has to be…
If y’all can’t even talk to me, then this just what it’s got to be
Hope to God that y’all got the balls enough to respond to this
Modest but i’m honest, so yo flawless Inc. I’m, talking beef
No need for apologies, I’m counting down, you’ve got a week…

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