You Don’t Know My Name – Killing Me Inside

Hand In Hand - Play adalah lagu yang mungkin mirip dengan You Don’t Know My Name , bukan dari musik tapi lirik. Killing Me Inside mungkin terinspirasi dari lagu milik Moving On dan Come On Girl We’ll Burn Money On Vegas dalam pembuatan lirik dari You Don’t Know My Name.

I’m trying to tell you that i will never give up
Cause you are on my mind
And i swear it’s feel like so good, so good

* i wanna ask your name right now but i’m afraid and shy
You don’t ever give your hand to me and just walk away

Can you hear me, can you see me
My heart is beating, you close to me
Hopeless faith please leave me now
Cause you don’t know my name

Repeat *
Repeat reff

Can you hear me (just give your hand)
Can you see me (don’t walk away)


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