Lirik lagu: Oblivious Insanity

I don't believe it, I fight and died for nothing
Such marvelous nightmare or such horrible dream
Structure sick society, everything down to the deep shit
inRead invented by Teads
Talk random weird thing, in a mental institution
You're not my angel, I refuse to become your victim
Dying with your spell, searching love in dwelling hell
Death smile to all, we just can smile back
In the darkness, in the shadow, never talk about that before

I need to know, I need to know
Why everything abuse, insult me in these sadness, sorrow
I need, bright light

(I'm not insane)
I need eyes to see everything inside, inside
(You never know inside my heart)
Underworld antic and wrath absurdities collide, collide
(Just holding my pain)
Particular hideous freak, mysterious fatuous device, device
(Until I meet my almighty God)
Deep in consciousness and disobey my God

Have you ever been in a place where your hopes are gone?
(I am so alone)
Under pressure, where people don't want to understand?
Crowded inside my head
(Oh God)
I couldn't hold myself to kill someone

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