Lirik lagu: Something Right

Never thought that I’d so inspired

Never thought that I’d find the higher truth

I believed that love was overrated

‘Till the moment I found you

Now baby I know I don’t deserve

The love you give me

But now I understand that

If you want me I must be doing something right

I got nothing left to prove

And it’s all because of you

So if you need me

And baby I make you feel alive

I know I must be doing

Doing something right

It’s because of you I feel so lifted

I’ve been looking at my life from higher ground

Never thought I’d be so elated

You’re the one that turned it all around

Now baby, I didn’t know myself

Until you changed me

And made me understand that


And baby I know I don’t deserve the love you give me

But I don’t really care, cause

I know I must be doing (I know I must be doing)

Doing something right (Doing something right)

Yeah yeah

Something right

Must be doing something right

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