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Mungkin aku sudah bosan
Dengan s'gala basa-basi
Lifestyle, obsession and damnation
Freewill, prostitution, fornication

Mungkin aku tak peduli
Suatu saat akan mati

Dope mine, drug illusion to stratosphere
Angel dust, modern syndrome fantasy

Yeah, to stratosphere… Yeah, fantasy

Some people sold their soul to be damned
To get the grosses up on those fake happiness
Even though life will began after death
Some people sold their soul to be damned

Don't shed any tears for me, too much sins for me to confess
I'm just too dirty to bow-down myself
Put to death in fear or purity

I've tried to escape before
But it seemed temptations blocks my way out forever
I've dried my tears for all my faults
But I still can't stop this sins addiction ever

This body needs to fight the enemy I breed inside
Many things in this life need to be done before I die

Mungkin aku sudah bosan dengan segala basa-basi
Mungkin aku tak peduli suatu saat akan mati

Seharusnya ku berhenti dan tak pernah ingin kembali
Semestinya kupaksakan walau sakit ini takkan hilang

Tolong TUHAN, lepaskan aku
Dari semua yang menjauhkanku dari Mu

Tolong TUHAN, izinkan aku
Suatu saat mati hanya di jalan Mu

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