Lirik lagu: Future Disgrace

Here's another broken story about the future
Humans bombing poisoning the world in our future
Racist war brutality fuckep barin identity
Big disgrace for the whole damn human race

Let me tell something real in our future
Majority step on the little one in our future
Money, gun, high violence, paranoid freaks
Ugly tones and I can hear broken bones

Hide away save your prayers
Let it break and cut your skin
Racist war brutality, twisted brain identity
about the future

No don't wanna future
No don't wanna future
Hell on earth, days are doomed!
About the future

Here's another broken story about the future
Don't need no TV to write this song about the future
Burning building, rotting hearts intimidating social gap
Junkies criminal and dirty cops

And the story never ends
Just like my mind couldn't understand
why do we live in this so fucked up world?
Now I say to you all my friends
start thinking about the world today
Love faith and hope
thats what we need for a better, longer future 

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