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Shawty girl I know you want me
Cause you can't back up off me
You got me where you want me
You teased me
You told me
And you got me like wow
Say i'm too young to be balling right now
But so much money got them haters like how
Someone tell the waiter to bring them bottles right now
Right now
Bring them bottles to the V.I
Mami body got me like mamma mia
A bad chick is what I need yeah
Time is money chains so you know we gotta be fly
Flyer than a G5
If she let me get it like 3 times
So let's get in a Mercedes
We can speed off baby we can get crazy
Sean K and i'm bitter like Bombay
Money longer than a hallway always
I can put you in a pad always
Money right here even on a wrong day
I mean it's longer than that take it the long way
And she affiliated with the Rock, Beyonce
The ? gave me her hair, ?
I can't get much higher, Kanye
Body of my suit
Come to take a spin
Bugatti is my cool
3 number ones i'm a star time too
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