Lirik lagu: Turn Me On


When you are dancing feel the beat.

I wanna lead You on.

You make me wanna feel the heat.

Cause you Really turn me on.

When you pull me more close to you.

I wanna make it on my own.

You make me wanna down with you

Cause you really turn me on

Hey boy, do you wanna shake me right now.

Hey boy, I'm gonna taking you down

Baby when I saw you dancing so right.

(you really stole My heart).

And you really make me feeling so high.

(yeah You know I can touch the sky).

And I wanna keep you Staying in my mind.

(I'm gonna let you go).

Cause I want You make me dancing so wild.

(yeah you really turn me on)

Oh you blow my mind. I'm a little hypnotized.

Oh you rock My world. I feel I'm out of control.

Oh you dance my soul. Yeah you bring me joy.

Want you be my love. And I've got To make you mine.


Baby would you mind come here undressing me

(baby why Can't you see).

And I want you touch me felling so sweet

(yeah baby do you feel the heat).

And I wanna feel your Thing inside of me

(yeah you gonna blow me in).

Then I'll Make you flying into ecstasy

(baby it's like a fantasy)

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