Lirik lagu: Beautiful Day

Walk down the street with a gentle smile 
Pick up the slack sun shines through the trees early morning 
Spoke earnestly wish for everyone 
That our hearts (which pleased me) 
Compensation in forever (forever in training) 
More shy (shy chi) 
a speech to the elapsed time 

Sometimes we went to a second great 
And as we sometimes like to say in our just compensation 
Up slightly confident we will have great moments of beautiful fresh 

Clear away the way people share space 
Confident we will come closer together 
Clear away the separation anxiety people 
Confident we will come closer together 
Na na na na! Na na na na!! 

Took the wind swept leaves gently 
Gave a gentle smile every morning person 
Keep voices with passionate people 
On fresh beautiful, beautiful life fresh, fresh beautiful day, beautiful fresh life ... yeah

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