Lirik lagu: DON'T STOP

I couldn't Stand The Time
Turn Out The Light
The Music Turns Me On
In Motion Drive
You Got The Rhythm I've Got My Soul
So Give Me Fire To Light Up Desire
You Got To Burn It Up
Close Your Body To Me
Those Words Are Empty
Hot Night Is Near
We Have The Time Left
Till The Morning Light
Take Out Your Dreams Off
Those Nights Won't Wait Us
Spent Out The Past Time
Dancing On The Floor
You Got To Burn It Up
Burn ...Slice Your Body Down
And Push Me To The Ground ...
Don't Stop Baby Don't Stop The Dance
Don't Let Your Feeling Turning Down
Just Feel The Breathless Around
Burn Out Your Body To Me Now
So Burn It Up
You've Got To Burn It Up Burn It Up

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