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You know we LXIX Babyyy
I make you feel good and vice versa like that Babyyyy
You know we LXIX Babby
I make you feel good and vice versa like that that that that

Thats it / im tired of pretending gurl
Im tired of saying all the nice and sweet things gurl
I dont want / to make / this sound / absurd
I wanna whisper nasty things that’ll make you thrill
Its you and me
And one day a baby
We can add more if we need more company
Money can wait, to me that’s number three
Top of my list is you, and then my family
Im all about/ tryina make / you happy
Coz really how can i repay for what you did to me
You make me feel good give me all the good food
Got my stomach filled / now LXIX you like i should


I cant sing
But for you i willl try everything
Hold on / that honestly was just a way
To prove to you that i’ll embarass myself any day
Just to get ur attention and all your love for me
I want you for myself and not for anybody
Lace on the see thru / wear that high heel shoes
I'll dim the lights for you / get that sexy mood
People wont believe what you did to me
Its better than you'll ever find in DVD
So I'll pay a favor back
Like if ur scratch my back
I’ll scratc wik wik wew wik wik wew ur back back



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