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Oo. For The First Time I Looked Your Face, The
Time I Saw You Smile, Baby
Oo. Is This Real? For Me To Get A Heart Beat,
When You Talk To Me
Baby When I Asked You To Go Out
I Meant Nothing But To Make You Feel No
I Can Not Promise You A Star, A Moon, Or
Bumble Bees
Just Tell Me You'll Stay Under Them With Me
* About You Girl
Thinking About You Girl
Thinking About You Girl
Makes Me Feel Alive
Thinking About Something
It's Always About You Girl
Maybe I'm Just Nothing
But Please Be My Everything
Oo. Is It Weird? Baby, Your First Lolly, Has The
Same Sweet As Your Smile
Maybe I Know, I Guess I Want To Be More Than
A Friend But Not For A While
Do You Know You're The First Name On My
I Know This Song Is Nil But Can We Sing Along?
A Song Like This

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