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saturday night i knocked your door.
Hold a dozen roses in my hand.
still hoping you not going around.
you looked over the window,then i surprise you
you screamed like crazy,then you said to me 
"hey can you just wait for a minute,standing nice at side of the chair?"
alright...but why i felt to long?

should i stay in the front of your door,you took to long.
are you fix your hair and dressing up?
"girl hurry up we're gonna walk out" (i shout it loud,i shout it loud).

this heart is beating faster and i thought 
i could make it better, better for us. 
i wish that i could get get your lovely kiss tonight.
you came out with a funny dress.
no..noo i can't beleive what i seen, you're so georgeous.
so take my hand,let's spend out time! 
this night is so wonderful,cause there is something meaningful.
then intended i at the corner of a movie's room. 
when i hold your hand, it feels warm and tight.
we sat down on the number 29, waiting for a perfect time . 
and i gotta gotta tried again.

your eyes so sparkling, it's so amazing. 
God! i feel so nerveous, if i let her wait, how stupid kid i am...

now,now,now you're getting closer. 
talk lovely words, it blows over my mind, 
gimme gimme a pass so i'll stay and feel a better .
123 let's do our kiss and you're nerver gonna get scared 
cause i'm still in your "hug" 
gimme gimme your trust so i'll stay and feel better, 
well it's not better 
now,i'm sad.. cause you've denied

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