Lirik lagu: eschatology

bring me back to the world where i was born in
in this place i don't know where i'm going
things i hate and i love.
life's a change of time when everything went so badly
yes i know my heart's been so empty/
1 thing left to believe in
1, 2, 3 counting of our time
rebuilding everything we left so fast
9/11 has passed behind
X of victims were gone
holding their lives

because there's no one, no one knows

Driving in a car, crashing people in a down town
Run and hide, killing victims all around
Unusual transmissions
Make fairytales blaming on what you did
Planes and tanks were like everything you wanted
A thing left to believe in
The light goes down
The people run
Everything's clearly messed up till the night
Route and path of life has been drawn
No one knows when the ending of our lives

this is the truth

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